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       Volume 10 |Issue 10| March 11, 2011 |


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"The process that has been followed to suddenly remove him is on a technical issue dating back 12 years and for 12 years he has been acting as managing director… So, it looks very unusual from outside."
US Ambassador
about government's action of removing Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus from the office of the managing director of Grameen Bank.

"Was he awarded the Nobel Prize to legalise his illegal acts? Why Bangladesh Bank maintained relationship with Dr Yunus and his Grameen Bank for so long, if holding of the office by him was illegal?"
one of the counsels for the Nobel laureate
defending why government and Bangladesh Bank decision to "remove" Yunus is illegal.

"The people are tired of these things and apologies and condemnations are not healing any pain. On behalf of the people of Afghanistan I want you to stop the killings of civilians."
Afghan President
about US commander General David Petraeus' apology after nine children were killed in a Nato air strike.

"There are former cricketers who have been in such situations often. So everyone needs to think before talking."
Bangladesh cricket captain
about remarks made by some former players criticising Bangladesh's performance against the West Indies.

"Tripoli is 100 per cent under control. What you are hearing is celebratory fireworks. People are in the streets, dancing in the square."
Libyan government spokesman
about heavy machine gunfire at Tripoli carried out by rebel forces.

"Lots of people throw around phrases of ‘no-fly zone’ and they talk about it as though it's just a game, a video game or something. Some people who throw that line out have no idea what they're talking about."
White House Chief of Staff
about calls made by some US senators that a no-fly zone should be imposed upon Libyan airspace.


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