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      Volume 11 |Issue 30| July 27, 2012 |


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"There should be a limit to the fraud and deception."
prime minister
in dismissal of Khaleda Zia's announcement to construct two Padma Bridges if voted to power

"The defendants have been charged with the killing of 30 lakh people. To prove their innocence and for the sake of justice, we need these witnesses."
defence lawyer
justifying the submission of 15,000 names as witnesses for the top four Jamaat leaders

"We are trying to restructure the share market by December and then it will be free from the control of the destroyers."
finance minister
about the share market of the country.

"I can challenge you that no government will be able to stop toll collection, not only in Daulatdia but anywhere in the country, if my proposal is not introduced."
shipping minister
about the toll collection at Daulatdia ferry terminal by a large gang comprised of ruling party leaders and activists, police and staff of Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation.

"He should say to a player that he has to sing otherwise he will not be picked."
the former head of the German football federation
insisting that singing the national anthem should be made compulsory for the players even if they are not of German origin.

"He [Abul] should have resigned much earlier. He finally stepped down but the country paid a high price for that."
a minister
about former information and communication technology minister Abul Hossain's resignation


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