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       Volume 11 |Issue 31| August 03, 2012 |


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The People's Writer

The whole nation is still mourning the death of Humayun Ahmed, an author, a dramatist, a screenwriter, playwright and a filmmaker. The article published last week presented the life, works, creativity, intelligence and the dedication of Humayun Ahmed very lucidly. He is the people's writer indeed! The article, however, did not depict the dreams that the people's writer dreamt of in his lifetime. His dream was to build a cancer hospital and an institution like Shantiniketan. It however, remained unfulfilled. I think all the fans of Humayun Ahmed, his relatives and the government should come forward and make all out efforts to translate the great dreams of the legendary writer into reality.

Md Musfikur Rahman Jony


Some people don't die, but remain in our hearts forever. Humayun Ahmed, without any doubt, is one of them. The death of the legendary writer is a big blow for Bengali literature. We don't know when and how this emptiness will be fulfilled. He brought Bangla Literature to thousands of readers. There was a time when people avoided reading Bangla novels as many couldn't follow the complex vocabulary used by writers. Then came Ahmed who charmed his readers with his simplicity. His books are very popular because the common person can relate to them. As a writer Humayun Ahmed described the problems of the middle class and this was something unique. People will remember his characters — Himu, Shubhro, Misir Ali and Baker Bhai — forever. A writer like Humayun Ahmed doesn't arrive often. They are born once in a century. We need people like him in every part of our society in order to guide us towards the right direction and help us towards creating a progressive Bangladesh.

Mirpur, Dhaka

Photo: Masud Akhand


I often regret the fact that I couldn't watch the latest plays directed by Humayun Ahmed. No longer will we find the long queues at book fairs; no longer will we see fans desperately waiting for his autograph.

How can our nation bear his loss? He single handedly rejuvenated Bangla literature through his books and stories. He also played an important role in reviving our cinema industry. Aaguner Porosh Moni, Shaymol Chaya, Dui Duary were movies that brought the audience back to the cinemas. His death has created a huge gap in our lives. He will be forever missed.

Md Azam Khan
Uttara Bank Ltd
Barisal Branch

Photo: Star File

Limon: Student or Criminal ?

What is Limon's identity, student or outlaw? The seventeen-year-old college student has already lost a year of his life, being shot by Rapid Action Battalion on 23 March, last year. The incident has changed the direction of his life and shattered his dreams. With the help of different organisations, doctors grafted an artificial leg for him because his left leg had to be amputated. But, he is so wretched that whenever he has a colourful dream, a disaster shatters everything. On 1st July RAB submitted a charge sheet against him accusing him of obstructing law enforcers. But, the investigation into the case, pending for 14 months, against six Rab personnels, filed by his (Limon) mother, is yet to be completed. This example is enough to raise a question against law enforcement agencies and the judiciary system of our country.

Rasel Osman
Dhaka College, Dhaka

Fish Curry and Steamed Rice

I thank the Star for taking me back to my childhood through the article 'Plebeian fish curry and taste of steamed rice'. The sweet reminiscence of catching Puti fish during monsoon made me go down the memory lane. The urban life has taken its toll on people like us who cherish their sweet memories to seek peace and pure pleasure. The so called urban culture, the fast food habits, the rock music all combined together have devastated our simple life. I am not against modernism but when it exceeds certain parameters, it becomes difficult to absorb. To people like me this appears to be the incarnation of the statement of the Villain in the film "Wall Street" when he said that "Greed is Good.” The city life has given us speed but has taken away our emotion and love for small things. At the age of 65 I do sincerely hope to go back to a Gazal where it has been said, "Take away my wealth and status but in return give me back my childhood with my paper boat and monsoon rain"

Towfique Hassan

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