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NOS: Get ready for drag

By Ajmee

Couple of days ago I met one of my genius friends. Like every other time he wanted to prove his intelligence over me, however, I have been always skeptical about his intelligence. He started a story about one of his friend who bought a car with NOS. Now he can drive really fast. Nevertheless, any one can drive fast without NOS. It is true that with the help of NOS one can drive faster. But I really don't know how much NOS is suitable for our roads. Well until now people who don't have any idea about NOS or is it only me who thinks nobody have got any idea about NOS. Nevertheless, let me describe what really NOS is -

The use of nitrous oxide (N2O) as a performance enhancement has been traced back to World War II, where it was employed to give Allied aircraft "emergency" boosts in both airspeed and altitude capabilities. There were sporadic attempts at using nitrous oxide in race cars over the next few decades, but since for the most part it was a clandestine, closely-guarded secret and not too many people were aware of its existence. Finally, in the 1970s, nitrous "came out of the closet". It was the hot topic of conversation. Especially since a number of entrepreneurs brought systems to market that were highly erratic, at best. It was at this point in time when a couple of successful automotive technicians and racers saw there was a potential for nitrous -done right.

In 1978 Mike and Dale formed Nitrous Oxide Systems, Inc., and the rest is history. They didn't invent nitrous oxide -they simply perfected its use and elevated it to a position of prominence in the automotive performance community.

Perhaps the greatest boost to the popularity of nitrous oxide was the advent of drag racing. Today, with over twenty years experience building nitrous systems for racing and street applications, NOS remains THE dominant force in the industry. A great deal of the company's success can be attributed to its ongoing pursuit of perfection and extensive R&D efforts. Another key factor is the relationships that NOS has forged with leading racers and professional engine builders. Their input has served to keep the company on the leading edge of technology.

In 2002 NOS introduced the NOS nozzle systems for EFI cars. This design has revolutionized the nitrous industry.

As we enter the next millennium, NOS also defines a lifestyle... a lifestyle characterized by the movie, "The Fast and the Furious." This movie was a blockbuster hit during the summer of 2001, and established NOS as a household name.

NOS stands ready to serve its customers with the industry's most complete selection of nitrous oxide systems and a technical support team that's often rated as the best in the business.

NOS is committed to building upon its success by remaining the absolute leader in nitrous technology period. I think that I shouldn't get much technical otherwise it will be difficult to understand for some people including me.





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