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The Greatest Match in History

By Quazi Zulquarnain Islam

There comes a time in every man's life when he lives through moments of great significance without really being able to grasp the full content of what exactly it is that is happening around him. For yours truly, March 12th was such a day.

Myself and a score of others I am sure sat back in awestruck wonder as events unfolded at the Wanderers in Johannesburg, South Africa where the fifth and final one day international between South Africa and Australia was taking place.

Before we go any further, I must narrate a very specific personal event. On the day of the match I was going to lunch with a friend of mine and we were both talking about how cricket had lost most its mojo for the both of us and how disheartening it was that something like this had happened.

What happened later would, suffice to say, change a lot of things.

And God Himself underlined the irony of life as he answered our request in the most amazing way possible.

I'm the king of the world….for 50 overs

In what is almost certainly the greatest one day match ever played (and yes, as much as that is said this is one case where the adjective ever is justified!) both teams not only broke the previously unattainable 400-run barrier but South Africa became the first team ever to chase down a score in excess of 400. The magnitude of the achievement can be highlighted by a simple fact. The greatest ever winning chasing total in Test cricket is 418. South Africa scored 438 and that too with one ball to spare.

It was a match where rational decision making was thrown out the door and everything and anything that had previously seemed unattainable, occurred almost as a matter of course.

Records tumbled like nine pins. Actually scratch that. Records tumbled with a regularity that was surreal as every run above the revered figure of 400 chartered its way into cricketing unknown.

After a Ponting inspired Australia racked up 434 runs off their 50 overs, victory seemed almost a formality.

However in what is without doubt the greatest chasing game ever played (and might be the greatest chasing game ever played) South Africa went about the most extraordinary run chase in history through the efforts of captain Smith and Herschelle Gibbs. While Smith made a dashing 90, Gibbs ultimately made 175. Sparing you the details of a match which you have by this time probably already read time and again, what I will say is that all we could do was sit and gasp as unprecedented events unfolded before our very eyes. South Africa scored 438

Ball: No, no, no…. I don't want to leave the field again

Andrew Hall seem to have the match in the bag when he pulled Brett Lee for four through the vacant midwicket region but, with two runs needed from four balls and two wickets in the bag, he spooned his very next delivery to Michael Clarke at mid-on. That meant that it would be the No. 11, Makhaya Ntini, on strike to face the decisive deliveries.

His first delivery was clipped down to third man for a single, which left the scores level and Mark Boucher on strike. He made no mistake.

And that meant that South Africa won the greatest One Day International ever.

After a point you run out of superlatives to describe what happened. And that time I am afraid has come. So let us not taint the enormity of the achievement by belittling it with words that will go little to explain what really happened.

After all, some moments are beyond imagination.
I am just glad I witnessed it. I am sure you are too.

Career Conundrum

By, Fahmina Rahman

Only a few months till June, and that's it, so many of our school lives are going to be over. Well of course university life follows, but somehow the carefree attitude of life till now is something we won't have anymore.

There is an education path to choose, a career to choose, and the fact that our decision now is going to affect the rest of our lives definitely doesn't make it any easier! Imagine, taking some hot shot, brain eating, ultra difficult course in college only to decide later on that you want to be a belly dancer, or something! Total waste of energy, don't you think?

So this article goes out to all of you who're stuck in a dilemma about what to do with the rest of your life…the options are abundant, and the important thing is to find your clique from this huge mess. And in the process, hopefully I'll end up being a bit less clueless myself!

The golden rule about careers is that never, ever, ever take a path that you find even remotely boring. Not only will you bore yourself to death, you'll be inefficient at whatever boring thing you're doing, and in the process you'll not be able to earn the huge amount of money which was your reason for choosing this boring career in the first place.

So, if belly dancing is what gives you enjoyment, maybe that's what you should be doing in your life. Let's face it, this is the 21st century, and whatever career we choose, most of us just want to make a lot of money and drive cool cars around town.

If you think being a doctor, lawyer, or one of those insurance policy people (yawn!) is going to get you a lot of money, maybe it will. But think about it, in choosing a career which you genuinely like, be it whatever crazy and bizarre thing people generally laugh at, you'll be enjoying your life, doing what you love doing, and on top of all that, you'll get paid for it!

The first step to taking a career decision is summing up all your hobbies on a piece of paper. Maybe you like playing sports, or maybe you like taking pictures, or maybe you have a thing for designing your own clothes…whatever is your hobby, and whatever you think is your talent, write it down on a piece of paper, because believe it or not, every single hobby has a career option behind it.

even crazy addicted gamers can have a career of playing computer games now…although it probably will cut your life span in half, so let's not get into that!

Photography. Being a photographer for life sounds kind of lame, right? Do any of you know how much a photographer gets paid for taking those pictures you see on the covers of Vogue, or Elle? Wouldn't seem so lame anymore, trust me! If you're in love with your camera, and love taking shots of beautiful things all around you, then maybe this is your life. But this is a creative field, and talent, more than anything, is required for you to make a name for yourself here.

If you know you're good, and can get better, go for it. You won't be the first one…lots of Bangladeshi photographers are becoming renowned these days, so who knows, you might be the next hot shot! There are some courses on Photography, but for official degrees, you could look in Universities abroad.

Are you fashion obsessed? Do you love working magic on old T-Shirts, turning them hot and happening with a few trendy cuts and designs? Maybe you should consider fashion designing. Degrees in fashion designing are offered here in Bangladesh in many good places. National Institute in Fashion Design, and BGMEA Institute of Fashion and Technology are good options. Go for it…hopefully you'll be the next Armani! With the deshi touch of course!

Interior designing. Trust me, this profession is blooming faster than flowers in spring! Be it 5 star hotels, chic, exclusive restaurants mushrooming all over Dhaka, the hip trendy hang out spots, corporate offices- interior designers make them look that hot. Needless to say, in this field, if you're good, you're it.

Your demand is inelastic, and when that happens, according to the basic laws of economics, your price can be sky high, and people would still want you. How cool is that?! Some institutes, such as Sky High Institute of Design in Dhaka might be a good option for a degree. Occasional courses in interior designing is also offered in Alliance Francaise from time to time. Although for a career in this field, I'd say look for a good reputed university that can truly nourish your talent. Then, the sky's the limit!

To sum it all up, there are thousands of other options. A career in singing, dancing, writing, sports (especially sports, because our country genuinely needs some fresh talent!), and many other fields is totally open to you. The question is, are you willing to take the risk? Your parents will laugh at you, scream at you when they realize you're not joking, but at the end of the day, it is your life, and your choice.

Nobody advices people to take risks, but a life without risks is as worthless and dull as it can possibly get. So you might as well give it a shot! The more conventional careers are obviously open for you. But they are responsible careers, so please don't do it just for the money. A doctor who doesn't care about his patient is a threat to the society if nothing else! So think about it…like I said, the options are unlimited, search the internet if you don't believe me!

I'm sure you'll find your clique, and as for me...ummm…interior designing is ultra cool…but so is fashion…crap, I don't know…I guess I'll just stick to Economics!


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