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I remember times of great glory… they were indeed great. And glorious. I remember it all very well, and how it happened.

I used to be able to watch the sunrise and the sunset everyday. They were such lovely sights, I used to catch in the rain and bathe in the fog… I was on the surface, so I had the privilege of looking at the world and everything in it.

Can't say every bit of it was pretty. But, who paid attention to humans, eh? I was an agent of nature. I kept my eye on nature. That's that.

Ah, mother oak. Where are you? Scattered among these dangerous masses? Cut down into logs, processed and shaped into mere household elements. Such indignation, and me turned into this small length of simple wood, coloured with silly designs and impaled throughout by lead. I weep to mother oak for justice. But, she's been done injustice herself.

Look how they use me. When their lead becomes too blunt for use, they discard it, and along with it, they are slowly discarding me. I liked it best when I was on the top of the world. And that awful shelf on that smelly man's store? It was a lot better than here at the hands of this insolent brat who has no respect for life, or anything to do with it. He bites my behind as if I had morning dew there.

Mercy! Look!! That brat is cutting off more of myself… At this, rate, I just won't be, soon… Mercy, I say!

I feel it. My last hour… My last moments in this forsaken and evil earth. My tree has been destroyed. I have been separated from my brothers and sisters. I have been separated from Life itself. I want freedom…

Darkness will fall soon… They talk of throwing me to the fire, for the pleasure of watching me burn… Goodbye, cruel world… Goodbye, silent cruel world.

By SS Emil



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