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By Adnan Quadri

Drugs and music has always been linked for some uncertain reason.

Drugs have come a long way from the “mothers' little helpers” that the Rolling Stones sang about. Along its way drugs destroyed millions of lives and broke the dreams of many. Now, what does music have to do with it? Starting from the Hippie movement of the 70's till now the general assumption is that drugs are part of a musician's lifestyle.

According to Anusheh Anadil, the famous singer of the band Bangla, who has gone through rehabilitation, most creative artists do indulge in one or other form of 'narcotic' drugs. However, she adds, “We artists are labeled as 'drug addicts' simply because we are the ones provoking society into this debate. But are we the only one responsible? Drugs have made their way to the lives of several people of different ages and professions. I think it's the popularity that focuses us more.”

Having experienced the many effects of drugs, she says that no matter how good it feels inside, there is always the downside when the effect wears off. The down side to all narcotics when abused is it causes depression that leads to mental disorders. The sensation Anusheh related to drugs were those of paranoia, insecurity and hyper behavior in general. She adds, “It all starts by 'trying out' and then eventually one gets addicted to drugs. That is when addicts try to come up with excuses like-unstable family, rude parents, relationship problems, to carry on with drugs.”

Right to left: Arnob, Anusheh and Buno performing at Halle concert

A prominent figure in the music scene today, Ornob, who is also a member of the famous band Bangla, says that certain drugs make one feel very active and restless for a certain period of time. “It is definitely not true that getting high would actually help us create better music. I used to be a junkie once upon a time and created music under the influence of certain drugs. Thanks to the Lord that nobody ever had the misfortune to go through the intolerable cruelty of listening to those songs.

According to Ornob there are some youngsters today who feel the need to get addicted as a result of peer pressure and also stand out in the crowd in a subtle way. As Francis Quarles once said “Be very circumspect in the choice of thy company. To be the best in the company is the way to grow worse; the best means to grow better is to be the worst there.”

Many a student and musician claim that drugs have actually helped them concentrate and focus on whatever they are doing. Ornob stands against these claims. He says, “drugs won't make you any smarter, cooler or more intelligent then you already are. Creativity can only be attained through hard work alone. There is no alternative to hard work and dedication.”

From people in their early teens to the fifties, a major portion of society is now on a drug called Yaba. Yaba is said to be originally used by Hitler ('Zee' German) who gave it to his soldiers to combat against fatigue, heighten endurance and elevate the mood.

According to Ornob, Yaba is the last thing someone would want to have. “Yaba runs the risk of rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure and damage to the small vessels in the brain that can lead to a stroke.”

For the ones who want to recover and lead a beautiful life, Anusheh recommends “Do not go to a psychiatrist. None of them have special training on rehabilitation which is absolutely necessary. They would give me a lot of pills and more medicine to get over my depression and drug problem. As if that is what I needed, more pills! Recovering patients are not supposed to be given even sleeping pills or anything that can become a cause of addiction.”

For help there is Solace (0171306001 /002), a network for parents only, where parents can discuss their child's problem and actually come up with a solution. Also there are some good rehab centers like Baraka(9112954) and Kriya (01711153197). For all the people out their who have gotten aboard the drug train, I must announce the last and only inevitable station is “Death” where you have to meet your friend Lucifer. Au Revoir.



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