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By Monty Python

The long anticipated Transformer the Movie is set to be one of the set pieces of this summer's block buster movie releases. Who wouldn't love to see Optimus prime and the gang convert into giant walking robots from their respective vehicular mode. Even better is if you could play as one of them. Transformers the game is here to let you do just that.

If you just can't wait to get hold of the movie, you can get your Transformer game and start fighting for the good or the evil side. It is possible to play either side in Transformers the game as it has campaign for both Autobots and the Decepticons. The story is rudimentarily taken from the movie, where you have to save the humanity from the destructive Decepticons by using an artifact known as Allspark. A kid named Sam knows its where-about and in the early missions you go about saving Sam from the Decepticons if you are playing the Autobots.

The game goes on pretty linearly from this point. Unfortunately there isn't much of the story at all. It is basically a game where you have a huge city much like the GTA cities and everything is destructible. In fact, in some of the Decepticon Missions, your task is to create as much havoc as possible by breaking huge military bases or large parts of the city to rubbles.

The Transformer models are well designed and are highly detailed; unfortunately the same could not be said about the general graphics. It is fun to see them turn into vehicles or flying machines. Although I wish the transformation is bit slower for us to enjoy the change. As an Atubot, you get to play as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee Jazz etc, while as Autobot you get the roles of Megatron, Starscream and the gang. So as far as playing your favourite transformers, this game will quite satisfy your desires.

As I said, downside is basically the fact that it is very loosely tied with the movie, almost as if the makers didnt know much about it or didn't want to giveaway the visuals, which is sad. One of the prime reasons I bought the game was so that I could catch a glimpse of what to expect from the movie. Still, it's short and fun and you wouldn't have to sweat very hard on it. It is also available for the XBOX 360, PS3 and Wii and as I have heard, you get to put the motion controller to a very good use with the Wii version. Only if I had a Wii now.


Till death do your money apart
It's understandable wanting to buy an inflatable slide or even a digital tombstone, but this gadget is, err, simply strange, the inflatable illuminated carriage hearse.

This is the 12' long self-inflating illuminated carriage hearse with flashing lights that has an inflatable zombie that rises from a coffin in the rear. Made of durable tear-resistant nylon, the hearse fully inflates in minutes using an integral air fan, and, unlike other outdoor seasonal decor that is static, a second air fan is timed to inflate the zombie once every three minutes.

Four flashing LED strobe lights located in the upper corners of the carriage interior highlight the zombies mottled green exterior, providing the illusion of slow motion as it re-animates and rises from its coffin.

For roughly 18000 taka, this is something of such weird taste that you should die. And that sounds quite appropriate.

A corny idea
While eating a nicely boiled and buttered corn, you must have wondered many things. For example you might have wondered why the world is round. More importantly you might have wondered if there is any device that could remove the corn and feed it to you. Well maybe not but we wondered it for you so you can give your mind a rest.

The OXO Corn Stripper looks a bit like a mouse. To use, you simply drag it down the cob and it will strip the corn into an internal container. It may not be mind blowingly technical but it does the job.

For about 800 taka, you would most likely feel better simply using your god given device, i.e. mouth. With 800 taka remaining in your pocket the corn would taste that much better.

Hug your music
This Plush MP3 Speaker and Radio isn't only good for hugging and keeping you warm on a cold, lonely night, it even comes with a zippered pouch that holds your MP3 player (or iPod for those who can afford it), playing music through its integrated speakers to lull you to dreamland. Other than your digital music library, you can also tune in to the FM radio whenever you want to check out what's happening on the local airwaves. Each Plush MP3 Speaker and Radio measures 16? x 9? and comes in blue or pink colors. It is powered by a couple of AA batteries and costs about 1400 taka.

"Save the cheerleader, save the world”, was the tagline for the first season of the wildly popular TV serial “Heroes”. The cheerleader in question, Claire Bennet, the mutant teen with powers of regeneration, is played by the talented Hayden Panettiere, actress, singer and Grammy nominee.

Panettiere began her career as a starlet at the age of 11 months, appearing in an advertisement for Playskool Toy Train. She later landed a role as Sarah Roberts on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live (1994-1997) and later as the child Lizzie Spaulding on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light when she was eight years old (1997-2001). In Guiding Light, for Hayden's character Lizzie's battle with leukemia, the show received a Special Recognition Award from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for bringing national awareness of the disease to the attention of daytime viewers.

She has appeared in over a dozen full-length feature films, as well as several made-for-TV movies. In addition, she had a leading role as the voice of Kairi in the highly successful Kingdom Hearts series of video games for the Playstation 2. She had a starring role in FOX's Ally McBeal as Ally McBeal's daughter and a recurring guest role in Malcolm in the Middle. She guest starred in Law & Order: SVU. She played Sheryl Yoast in the film Remember the Titans. She starred in Bring It On: All or Nothing. She has a younger brother, Jansen Pannetierre, who acts in the movie The Last Day Of Summer.

Panettiere currently stars as Claire Bennet in the NBC series Heroes as a high school cheerleader with regenerative healing powers. Due to her role on Heroes, she has become a regular on the science fiction convention circuit, having been invited to attend many popular conventions around the world in 2007, including New York Comic-Con and Fan Expo Canada.

She will later appear in the drama film Fireflies in the Garden as a younger version of Emily Watson's character Jane Lawrence. Coincidentally, George Newbern, who played Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts II alongside Panettiere, will also appear in the film.

In June 2007, she signed with the William Morris Agency to represent her in her endeavors. She was previously represented by United Talent Agency.

Forbes estimated that she recieved $2 million dollars in 2007.

Aside from her roles in film and television, Panettiere is no stranger to the music industry. Nominated a Grammy in 1999 for Best Spoken Word Album for Children for A Bug's Life Read-Along [2000], she She is currently working on her debut album, which was originally planned for release on May 8, 2007. The album, however, has been pushed back several times. It was first pushed back until August, then to December. Entertainment Weekly later confirmed that the album would now be released in 2008.

Neutrogena made this pretty young lady the cover girl for their new worldwide ad campaign;[7] following in the footsteps of actresses Josie Bissett, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mandy Moore, Kristin Kreuk, Mischa Barton, Gabrielle Union and Jennifer Freeman.

She was voted sixth on FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in 2007. Hayden Panettiere is the cover girl, and number one star, in Entertainment Weekly's "The EW 100: The Stars We Love Right Now" issue, June 29/July 6, 2007.

Source: Wikipedia

By Gokhra

Now here's a movie that many might have missed. It's got a brilliant concept and excels even when at certain times logic fails.

The story involves Luke Wilson playing a lazy army officer who wants to do nothing but sit and quietly watch things happen. Because of this the military chooses him as a test subject where he will be put into hibernation for a year and then revived. A hooker is his fellow guinea pig.

Unfortunately the test project is scrapped the two people are forgotten. They wake up 500 years down the line to find that the world is populated by dumb people. Apparently nature stopped selecting the fittest and just went for those who could reproduce more. It's a theory hilariously explained with visual aids as an intro.

These two find out that everything manages to work, just. A world designed for idiots is very cleverly depicted. And in this mayhem Luke Wilson finds out he is the smartest man alive. An aptitude test question goes thus: If you have bucket full with 2 gallons of water and another bucket full of 5 gallons, how many buckets do you have?

The situation is so bad that the hopeless dumb people cannot maintain technology and trash piles up so high that an avalanche of garbage pummels D.C. in the year 2505. That's also how Luke Wislons character wakes up.

To top it off the worlds strongest nation is run by a wrestling champ. Now the idea that USA could be run by brainless people isn't a very far fetched idea. And this makes

"Idiocracy" one of the best satires to hit the screen in recent times.

If it's Adam Sandler expect a bit of inane jokes but overall they tend to be very funny. In "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry ," Adam Sandler and Kevin James play Brooklyn firemen who fake marriage to each other. Yes, that's taking the Elton john inspiration a bit far.

Sandler's character Chuck is very straight but marries Larry's to avail certain financial benefits. They are both firefighters with Larry (Kevin James) being a single dad. The phony partnership is forged to preserve Larry's pension privileges.

Chuck handles the odd couple setup quite well. His initial discomfort disappears as he helps with meals, look after the kids and even share a bed with Larry. Of course, the trouble brews when the city starts investigating. But Chuck and Larry figure out ways to beat the system while at the same time offering apparent support for their new friends, the gay community of New York City.

Now all this might seem a bit disjointed and wild but the movie surprisingly adds up quite well. It's rather predictable at times but the whole ridiculous concept is actually very interesting. The characters are funny and extremely likeable and even the oddest moments are handled well.

And how can I not mention Hollywood's current hottest, Jessica Biel? She is the lawyer defending Chuck and Larry against a possible fraud charge and her acting is brilliantly believable.

It is a largely slapstick comedy that manages to stay away from grossing out the viewers. And that in itself is a huge achievement for current comedy productions. The movie is great in the fact that it does not discriminate anyone in particular. It offends everyone equally.


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