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The week in re(ar)view

Inflated aspirations
We are a competitive people but sometimes we don't know where to stop. We achieved the most corrupt nation title 5 years running. Now we have shifted our focus to other destructive aspirations. Inflation rate is now at a 10-year high at 9.20 percent. Want to bet that this will go higher? Better do it soon because at this rate, inflation will start affecting betting as well.

To get an idea of the rise in prices, think of green chili. This hot stuff just got hotter. From Tk 120 per kg they shot up to Tk 200 per kg. Now that's bound to burn not just tongues but wallets.

Of course, some people have other explanations for the price hikes. According to Finance and Planning Adviser Mirza Azizul Islam, the floods are to blame for the price hike of food as the country's transport system is badly damaged.

The way we remember, food prices have been high for quite a while now. Even BEFORE flood became an issue. At least now they have something to blame.

Killer waters
We Bangladeshis are meant to die in many different innovative ways. We die from heatstroke in the scorching summers. Winter shivers our timbers. Eid kills us from indigestion. Now incessant rains are killing us with flood. Add to that politicians taking all our money preventing us from buying air coolers for summer, warm clothes for winter, antacid tablets during eid and a plane ticket out of this country during monsoon.

Currently death toll has crossed 100 with diseases running rampant. Over 80 lakh people are affected and crops on more than 12 lakh acres of land have been damaged. It seem even mother nature is dying.

Application for destruction
The Rangs Building at Bijoy Sarani in Dhaka is being demolished by the government for unauthorized building. For punishment, the authorities decided to demolish the top 16 floors only. Now the government has floated a tender for demolishing. Why go to all that trouble? Just invite young university student for an all night party. They will destroy everything. Just think of the hartals when they gleefully smash cars and shops.

Fruit of the ka-boom
Money does not grow on trees but apparently bombs come pretty close. Members of the Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) seized 35 abandoned bombs at a mango orchard at Chapainawabganj on August 5.

A RAB team conducted a raid but the amateur terrorists managed to flee leaving behind the bombs. Why amateur? Don't you see movies? The pros always leave a fiery explosive trail behind when chase by authority. Maybe they didn't watch those movies.

Show ID to go to the toilet
The debate regarding national identity (NID) cards have been going on for a while. Napoleon went to exile bored with the proceedings. Heck, even the dinosaurs died wondering if ID cards will ever materialise.

Before the cards are fianlised, other plans are cropping up. The Election Commission (EC) has asked the government to make a law for mandatory usage of ID cards to get access to certain services and facilities.

This ID will be required for things like getting a new passport, driving license, Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), participating in public examinations, applying for jobs, opening a bank account, getting loan etc.

The only thing they have left is that you will not be required to show the ID if you want to answer the call of nature. Apparently, no one wants to stand around drains, cinema hall walls and footpaths to check ID cards of people needing to 'go'.

By mood Dude and Gokhra


Hey there everyone! Sheesh, it was really a lot of hard work, getting honest replies for this week's topic. And most folks preferred to keep their replies short. We asked different types of people, starting from the spoilt brats to the nerds: "How do you feel about spending your parent's hard earned money?" And here are the hopefully truthful replies:

“I don't like doing it and I don't do it much either. Because when they're old....they'll need it- Vanisha, Age: 18, A Levels, Mumbai.

“I feel like I'm eating off other's food and at sometimes I feel like a parasite! Rawnok, age: 16, Mastermind.

"Well, when we take it... we don't really think about it. But at the end of the day, I don't know about others, I DO feel a little guilty! And I intend to do something worth it." Zulyad, Age:17, A-Levels.

“Feels good. Whatever money I waste, it is what I deserve from them” Rian, Age: 20, East West University.

“My parents don't have to spend on me too much. That's because I'm INDEPENDENT. They just paid for me till my O levels. After that, I took care of my own expenses.” Rameez, age: 21, London School of Commerce.

“Come on, my folks have tons of money! I'm sure the amount I spend doesn't make much of a difference. And since they don't care, neither do I.” FA (wishes to remain anonymous), Age: 18, Scholastica.

“It does not feel right. But tell me, who else is supposed to pay for my education? Then again, a time will come when we'll be able to support them. So it's ok I guess” Anna, age: 19, California State University, Los Angeles.

“I know my parents are earning for me and since I'm the only daughter, they have no other option but to spend it on me. It's not really my fault, its theirs.” Mayesha, Age: 15, BIT.

Ok, so that's it for this week! Oh and one more thing, you can send in your thoughts and views for the next week's Vox-Pop topic: 'If you could change one thing about RS, what would it be?'(the RS members were asked that in their interview!) Please don't forget to leave your name, age and occupation. Address: voxypoxy @gmail.com. Thanx!

By Nayeema Reza
(With tons of help from Emil)

Cool Adda

Location: The entry to BFDC, HQ of the BD film industry.
What to bring: Yourself, with a freak hairdo that screams out loud, 'I am a show-off!'

What to do: Stand near the gate. If possible start a conversation with the guards and brag about how much wealth you had accumulated while acting alongside Jackie Chan in Singapore. They will not notice that Jackie Chan in fact works in the Hong Kong film industry. If it turns out that the guards would not talk much, just hang around the place and walk like you are a model on a ramp in a fashion show. While hanging around stop people randomly and ask them to do bizarre acts like doing ten push-ups right then on the paved street. If they turn out to be thick enough to oblige tell them that you are from a TV channel and that the whole incident got taped. As soon as they start to laugh dubiously, tell them again that you are not from a TV channel and walk away, fast! In that way you would be able to fool them twice.

Pros: You might get 'discovered'. This means you might land yourself a role in a cinema if a director catches sight of you fooling people and humiliating yourself! Or better, some actor might actually hire you as a hair-styler seeing your hairdo. Then you will be able to mess up his/her hair and get paid for it. After all this nonsense at the end of the day you will be able to just sit there and catch sight of those beautiful 'acteereesses' going in and coming out.

Cons: If you snoop around too much, you might get beaten up by a mob on suspicion of you being involved with some terrorist group that is trying to find a way to blow up BFDC for its part in you know what! If you actually happen to get yourself in a situation like that, just pray so the action heroes come out and give the mob a hand in the beating. The reason? Well, for all their muscles and buff body, they are soft!

By Hitoishi Chakma

You know you're a Wikiaddict

You know you're a Wikiaddict, when:
1. You wiki the entry to Wikipedia.
2. You wiki the entry to your favourite fruit/food/clothes/etc.
3. You are in love and you wiki up the said emotion.
4. You seek psychological advises in dealing with heartache.
5. You seek psychological advises in dealing with heartbreak.

6. You look up the entry to an artist/band whose song you just heard.
7. You look up the entry to the book you will read, are reading and/or have read.
8. You wiki the entry to a recent illness you were suffering from.

9. You wiki up things in general, just for the heck of it and so that you can spend time on it.
10. You write filler articles such as this and/or you agree to filler articles such as this.

By Emil



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