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By Monty Python

“Goodbye England's Rose…
and it seems to me
you lived your life like a candle in the wind
never fading with the sunset when the rain set in”

These lines from Candle in the Wind still echos in my mind every year when the day comes when we had lost the queen of our hearts, the princess of Wales, Lady Diana. Those who have grown up in the nineties have grown up amidst a fairytale when the stories of the love affair of a tall and handsome prince and a beautiful princess set our romantic dreams alight. But all fairy tales end and this one ended in the death of the most loved humanitarian Princess of the people, in a mysterious accident in France.

It was the 31st August 1997, when I received a phone call from my friend of a rumour that Lady Diana had died. I could not believe my ears. Why? That was impossible, I watched her a few days ago giving an interview to the BBC, proclaiming her future plans to help the people and of her dreams of starting a new life with Dodi Al Fayed. How could she die? I turned on the TV and sure enough it was all over the screen, that she had faced a fatal accident in a tunnel in France and that she was fighting for her life. It was unthinkable, that the woman who adorned the covers of every magazine and newspaper for her role for fighting the poverty and war, of movement against landmines, could be suffering under the pain of death at this very moment. My eyes filled with tears. I pryed to God that she may live to see the day, but she didn't.

To most people, monarchy means richness and grandeur, as well as utter disrespect for the poor and common people of the world. But here was Princess Diana, who threw her grandeur as a princess and stayed amongst the poor. Gave away her iconic fashionable clothes and jewelries to raise money to eradicate land mines from which thousands of innocent people and children die every year. Which is why, even after 10 years after she died, we still remember her. One who has given the reason to smile to thousands, had lived unhappily in a broken marriage and died a tragic death.

A shroud of mystery surrounds her death. Officially it was reported that she was followed aggressively by the paparazzi and because of which her car sped in the tunnel and met with fatal accident. But is that the truth, if that is so, why was the paparazzi, who followed her in a motorcycle not found after her death? Was her driver drunk? Why was the report of post mortems inconclusive? I guess there will be no more answers for these questions.

It was perhaps one of the saddest days of our young lives to see the last rites of passage being delivered to the people's Princess. And when Elton John, one of her closest friends, came to the piano to deliver his respects, I couldn't but join him to say the last few lines in Diana's memory…

“…Your candle burned out long ago
But your legend never will”

10 things we learn from watching AXN and Star World

1. Miami is a great place to live, albeit a high crime rate.
2. A small thing such as a hand gun usually has more bullets than a machine gun.
3. Money is not a problem when chasing criminals as you can bust as many cars as you can on the way.
4. All good guys have great physique and all bad guys are fat and ugly and speak with a funny Mafioso accent.
5. You are bad if you are black.
6. Just when you think you can't solve a difficult murder mystery, you still somehow solve in the last minute it (thanks to a super secret informer who was not there during the first 40 mins of the show) and catch the crook.
7. The criminal is always not the guy you think but the guy you didn't think.
8. If you are beautiful, then you are also rich and successful.
9. Even if you manage to badly break up with your girlfriend, she will forever remember what a great kisser you are.
10. New York is full of hot girls who can't seem to find a boyfriend.




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