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PC and Xbox

Bioshock is much, much more than a very good looking pretty first-person shooter.

The time is 1960. Flying over the Atlantic Ocean, your plane crashes and you find yourself the lone survivor.

Amidst the flaming wreckage you discover a small submarine type vehicle called a bathysphere waiting to take you underwater. Amazing what you can find when you almost die. And that's how you end up in the secret underwater city of Rapture. Run by a megalomaniacal businessman named Andrew Ryan, this city is driven by its own idea of total freedom. Capitalism is truly free with no one to interfere. Hence morals have gone flying out the window hatches.

You step out of your bathysphere and into the city only to find out things have gone terribly bad. The city is trashed, and genetic freaks called splicers roam around, attacking anything that gets in front of them. Something called ADAM is at the core of all this and ends up making all the genetic transformations. And hence you end up with the first of your powers with the ability to shoot lightning out of your fingertips.

The main thing about BioShock is the ability to transform characters at will free of cost. Plasmids are the active, weaponlike genetic enhancements. Many of these are very straightforward. Incinerate lets you burn things and melt ice. Telekinesis lets you use your left hand as if it were Half-Life 2's gravity gun. Although, facing your enemies head-on with the more direct plasmids feels a bit more effective.

You can also use regular weapons. Remember this is a 60's timezone so you will have the assortment of pistols and tommyguns but no self targeting mind shattering rocket gun.

It's got great action but the primary focus is its story. It's a sci-fi mystery that enthralls you into going on till you find out what, exactly, is going on in the undersea city of Rapture. You'll find more important human characters at certain points in the story, and though these are set up like boss fights, these guys are just more powerful and resilient versions of existing splicers.

The entire game is riddled with backstory via many audio diaries. Collect as many as possible; because that's what gives the game its depth of story. It will tell you how the idealists built a world of dreams that has fallen apart.

You may die a lot of time sin BioShock it is barely even a setback. When you die, you're reconstituted at the nearest vita-chamber and sent on your way with your inventory intact and most of your health.

This isn't a reload, so everything is as you left it, even the damage that you've already done to any surviving enemies. So you can wear down a big daddy by just running at it again and again with little or no care for your health. This makes the game a little bit easy. Guess we humans are never satisfied.

A difficult setting does not make the AI any more clever. They come at you mindlessly and even bump into each other a little but they take longer to kill.

And everything looks amazing. Availabel for PC and Xbox, this is a great game.

It's not an action packed shooter. The combat is a little unsatisfying as hardly any skill is required. But use the games indirect fighting methods and things cook up. It builds an amazing atmosphere by using terrific graphics and sound to set a creepy mood.

In spite of some technical issues, BioShock creates an amazing world that you'll want to explore and a compelling mystery that slowly comes together as you play.

Ultimate Ninja 2 focuses on one-on-one ninja-fighting action favoring speed and simplicity over depth. With distinct graphical theatrics, it is a fun game to watch and play. And that's pretty much the same as the original albeit with a wider cast of characters. Nothing new, just more of the same good stuff.

Hyperkinetic fight sequences between mystically charged ninjas are one of the biggest assets in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2. Wile you need a few buttons for the action it does not mean that there aren't any nuances to the action. It will take a little practice before you're dashing back and forth across the screen, countering your enemies' counterattacks and performing crazy, acrobatic combo attacks.

The fights look great with solid cell-shading effects, as well as specific effects such as textured shadowing and the dramatic use of Japanese writing. It's like a Japanese manga comic brought to life.

The huge cast of characters animate smoothly, and their attacks really pack a punch. The game sounds as much like the Naruto anime as it looks like the Naruto manga.

The single player mode is one road adventure, which has you playing as several members of the Leaf Village ninja clan as they deal with foes and rivals from all sides. Still, you'll probably need to have existing Naruto knowledge to be able to make total sense of it. Often, simply beating your enemy isn't enough to advance, and as you progress the victory conditions can become quite demanding and specific. And when you finish off on your own, there's still the two-player versus mode to fall back on, but more single-player content would've been appreciated.

Laugh as hard as you can. And when you can because of a movie, it makes it a great movie. With that seemingly high-thought line, we start off with a list of spoofs for this week.

Spoof movies in general used to be fun but recent flicks like “Epic Movie” and “Date Movie” have taken the genre down lower than the belly of a snake in a drain. These movies were duds of the lowest order with gross matter ranking high as humour content. Have we become so brainless that scantily clad women and poop jokes are all that is required for entertainment? Luckily not.

The plot:

Officer Danny Butterman (Frost) is calm chubby mild mannered cop who would prefer to lie around watching TV. He is partnered with Nicholas Angel (Pegg) who is a tough, strict cop running after everything with a lot of purpose. Pegg is so duty bound that he won't think twice about going supercop on underage drinkers. Transferred to the model Gloucestershire village of Sandford, they make the typical misplaced odd couple cop movie.

The village has its cast of odd characters including Jim Broadbent as a jolly police chief with the quintessential British trait of serving tea and cake. Ex-Bond Timothy Dalton is the local supermarket manager and Edward Woodward heasd a village improvement association much like Dhaka's beautification teams. While they may nt mean much now, they tie up rather well later.

Things start cooking when several locals show up unnaturally dead. Pegg's inquiries are met with blanks.

The verdict:
It's a British movie made in the trademark fast paced, cooler-than-everything else style.

Except this is not all about sex and drugs and violence. It's got things to do with chasing a swan in a very gripping chase scene sequence.

The best part is that the two main characters never act funny. They do not have the exaggerated mannerisms or deliver super witty lines in really bad situations. They be themselves in slightly odd situations and make the whole act fun. Even at more than two hours, the movie well worth it.

There is plenty of stylized, gritty action that reaches John Woo levels of gunplay. But despite that the body count remains surprisingly low considering the director made the Bad Boyz sequel where bodies were thrown left, right and even from above.

It makes great fun of all cop movies and even the spoofs themselves. Best of all, the story is a hoot. It's smart, snappy and comes without overt theatrics.

The Track T-800CDI is produced by Dutch company E.V.A. Products, which also manufactures custom motorcycle bits and accessories.

Now, who would have thought of putting a diesel engine in a motorbike? First of all, diesels are big and heavy. And bike engines carrying such low weights of a bike frame and body are already frugal enough.

Apparently, someone thought it would be a good idea and decided to make one. These brilliant fellows let Daimler spend millions to develop a small-displacement turbocharged diesel, as installed in the Smart, then stuffed said engine into a custom motorcycle frame. Moreover, they've modified the 800cc engine to run on diesel, bio-diesel, or SVO (straight vegetable oil). Now that makes sense as this way it will run anywhere in any way.

While other survivors are dueling over remaining petroleum reserves, you can fill up from every abandoned semi, restaurant, or grocery store with the oil product of your choice. With more than 20,000 McDonald's locations in North America, finding french-fry oil shouldn't be an issue.

And you won't have to fill up too oftenThe T-800CDI gets up to 100 mpg and promises a 115-mph top speed. With flat-black Raptor styling, it'll help you look like the post-apocalyptic bad-ass you'll need to be.

By Saiful Azam Zulfiquer

Ya! Ya! I know sleeky looking cool vista is out there. Showing off all the nice effects with the full powerhouse graphics card. STOP! right there, DIRECT X 9.0c graphics card ..Well err!.. I don`t have that and with vista {my brother like to call it vaista (in bangla it means cousin, WTH!)}15 GB space with 512 MB ram is just barely its minimum requirement. Well now back to good ol`trusty ( still I doubt that!)...err! .. rusty windows XP. Now! Now! no criticism here, we know what we have eXPerienced all these years. With service pack 2 and after hundreds of online updates under its hood, windows XP just slightly got better without managed to change anything in its GUI (graphical user interface).WELL! That's all about to change right now! I am going to give you experiences that you will make you want to install windows XP all over again.

Here is what you need -
A working computer with windows XP running on it smoothly ( its better if u have more than 256 megs of RAM ) You have it ! Cool! Now lets get started - Here is the programs that you need Yahoo! widgets

Formerly Known as konfabulator. These sweet looking widgets are straight from macOSX. The basic widgets come integrated with clock, calendar, picture frame, weather checking and CPU - Memory meter with all yahoo services. E mail check, notepad, headline hanging on your desktop. And there are over thousand widgets over on Internet to download. Most of your desktop might get covered by it but you'll just love it.
Alpha XP lite

So you are wondering what is really going on underneath the windows. Well, the answer is this software. You are probably amazed by the vista`s transparency property. Then amazed everyone with this software by giving windows any scale of transparency effect you want in XP. It also allows transparency to taskbar also.

Topdesk Flip 3D. So vista gives you flip 3D. Now do the flipping thing in your XP. Forget flipping you can also use expose from mac OSX. It's the most amazing way to manage windows. Though it's not dynamic in nature this will give you full control of your scattered windows without hurting the speed. The visuals will really going to impress you; it got some awesome animations while managing windows at lightening speed. Object Dock
This is also mac component. This gives all the shortcut place it into one place and shows awesome cutting edge animation when mouse pointer wave upon them With completely customizable components arrangements.

Vista sidebar thoosje Best looking vista alike side bar for XP. This is really good news for the people who uses XP and bad news for the people under 512 MB ram.
Royale & Zune theme VS. Style XP

Style Xp one of the most reliable and less resource hungry than any other application in windows to give your XP a real good face lift. But still it took away some of your system resources. To avoid resource consumption you can use Microsoft own published Xp skin royale blue or Zune theme.

Window Blinds (vista ready)
Awesome application software to change your windows XP in a way you never even dreamed of. The free version has its limitation but it`s a must tryout software.

Hard to make to you see in the picture. Its a cool animated tool - when you click a folder it just make slick animation,nice app to add some juice to your XP.

Cursor XP
some extra crispy cursors with mind blowing animated effects and thousands amazing skins from net.

Vista transformation pack 7.0
The ultimate transformation package to vista, for the people who don`t want to do all the hassle to make XP looks like vista .It just not only fast but I find it also reliable but not recommended for all XP users due to some issue. Better use vista in that case :

( These softwares take higher part of your memory so machine might become noticibily slow if you install them all at once. One major tips don`t run all softwares at once, some of these softwares share one major dll file named as UXtheme.dll in somecase you might have to patch it ( Do not use style XP and windowblinds altogether). There are also some other softwares such as yz shadow, rocketdock, styler but their changes in XP in minimal, but you can also try them out.Now if you are still wondering where to get all those softs, just click away to razit3.blogspot.com to get all the link or you can google them.Except topdesk most softwares are freewares so not much of worry there .You can also mail me at razit3@hotmail.com in case if you stepped into any trouble .Now put some napkin over your keyboard cause you will going to need them when your friends start drooling from the look of your new desktop.

Reviews for this movie were bad to say the least. Critics (especially those who get paid a lot to write) often slate a movie even when it is good. So I thought I would check it out and lo and behold, they were wrong. Again!

The plot:
Steve Carell played a babbling newscaster in Bruce Almighty and pretty much stole the show from Jim Carrey. He went on to great success in 'The Office”. Now he is playing not God, but his messenger.

Carell's character Evan has been elected to Congress from a regular high salaried newscaster. He has gone off to live in a fancy house and has little time for his wife and three sons.

God thus decides to pay him a visit in the form of Morgan Freeman. He asks Evan to build an ark. It's time for a little water sport involving every animal in pairs. The world is to end and Evan is to save it.

But Evan is understandably bugged by the way things work as a junior representative gets a major backing by an environment-destroying congressman (John Goodman). It is just not fair that the bad guys always win. What's the point of living an honest life?

Throughout, Evan will learn and teach humility and togetherness. And in the process we will learn to laugh a little.

The verdict:
It is a take on all matters biblical. Steve Carell brilliantly delivers the best lines with a straight face. Morgan Freeman presents a rather believable God. The character is what you would want a caring, kind God to be.

The movie takes on many biblical matters but has the decency not to trivialize the matters with crass jokes. In fact, everything is portrayed more as a children's movie material than anything else. And that in itself isn't bad thing.

The message is bright and clear and intends to make you see the light. It's that through faith and trust in God, anything is possible.


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