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By Nisma Elias

The notion that life exists, other than on earth, in the universe is no new theory. Throughout the 20th century, many have confounded theories on reported sighting on Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs. But not necessarily are all UFOs a sign of aliens. Here are a few of the prominent theories that have been flying about for years.

The extraterrestrial hypothesis theorizes that some UFOs are actually alien spacecrafts and I don't think anyone of us thinks less than that, what with movies like Men in Black stapling notions like this. Another theory - The Hostility Hypothesis by Wilhelm Reich and Jerome Eden say that UFOs - or at least some of them - or the beings traveling in the UFOs - are hostile. They claim that the waste product of the UFO engines is what they call "Deadly Orgone" which ruins the atmosphere, dries it out, and is one, if not the most important cause of the development of deserts, an interesting spin on the climate of the earth.

Theorists of course are also quick to include human involvement. Some specific theories are directly aimed at humans trying to cover up the existence of aliens. The infamous Conspiracy theory incorporates the fact that many governments are secretly in contact with extraterrestrials and that they allow alien abductions in exchange for technology. Such concepts have bred into popular culture and have seen the inception of cult hit series such as the X-files (which also made a star like David Duchovny famous. He has the aliens to thank for that).

The advanced human aircraft hypothesis is a theory that all or some UFO sightings are advanced, secret or experimental aircraft of earthly origin. Nazi Germany is known to have experimented with circular jet planes. At least one of the scientists involved was taken to the USA after WWII. Experiments with these designs and their descendants down the years may explain many sightings of circular UFO's. The Interdimensional Hypothesis states that UFOs are spacecraft are aliens from a parallel dimension or manufactured by humans in the future.

In fact, there is a unembraced branch of science called Ufology which deals with the alleged sighting and reports on UFOs and other related phenomenon. Although it has never been accepted by mainstream scientists, there are many amateur scientists who claim to have made headway in this field. However there is another theory surrounding ufologists that the secret groups developing these aircraft in the USA, have been encouraging Ufology to follow the "alien spacecraft" line of thought, to cover up for sightings.

What the truth may be we may never find out. Whether they are human conspiracies or real extraterrestrials, UFO sightings and other phenomenon like crop circles are certainly interesting in the least. And who knows? You may be the next person to study Ufology in the few universities that offer a course in this field. It may even be the next fad here in Bangladesh; only if it rakes in the money.

Reference: - www.wikipedia.org



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