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Album launch: KHC, an unlikely rockstar

You might expect somebody who is a barrister, to just go around doing his job, write a memoir, fight for a noble cause or even try out for The Apprentice! But on September 22, Sports Zone witnessed the unlikely event of a barrister officially become a rock musician with the launch of the album 'Utshorgo'.

Enter, Mr. Khaled Hamid Chowdhury, barrister, law teacher, popularly known as KHC. In 2005 a heavy metal band went through a transformation to become a rock band named 'Setar'. Subsequently the band came across KHC, whose passion and talent amazed them. Robin one of the Vocalists of Setar said, “When we saw him performing it just occurred to us that maybe we should feature him.” And consequently eight months before this album launch, KHC started to work in tandem with Setar and came up with Utshorgo.

The album launch on September 22 saw Ayub Bachchu come in to inaugurate the album. The event also enjoyed the company of Manam Ahmed, the Keyboardist of Miles and popular child actress Mim. It concluded with an Iftar Party. After the launch KHC shared his experience. “Music was always a passion,” he went on, “but this started when I went on stage to perform at a college program a few years ago and the students went for it. That was when I gave it a deliberate thought.”

'Utshorgo' comprises of twelve and suffice to say that KHC's vocals on half of all the tracks in the album is prolific. From the other six tracks, four were sung by Robin and two by Rumi. The other band members are Asad, Shahin, Amit and Shamim. The album was produced and marketed by High 5 and was sponsored by, Rawshan Travel International Ltd., The City Bank Ltd., IT Consultants Ltd. and London College of Legal Studies.

By Hitoishi Chakma

Not just in nursery rhymes

I had a very disturbing dream a couple of nights back. I was a judge (yes a real one), sitting behind my desk in my chamber. A burkha-clad 'person' sat in front. I'm emphasizing on 'person' because I have an issue where I do not like to assume something without visual confirmation; in this case, the gender. I found myself talking to this 'person'.

“Paedophilia? How could you?” rang out my angry tone, which even in my subconscious state did not fail to impress me.

“It was simple really. It was like child's play.” That was the moment I realized that this person had taken off the burkha, and was laughing obnoxiously. The self-proclaimed smooth criminal, man of many colours (not metaphorically though), Mr. Michael Jackson! I jumped off bed and have not been able to sleep since.

That small anecdote is however, not related to this article; for this is a most chilling, a most gripping, and a most thrilling account of last Thursday, when a mouse ran up my pants. I was flabbergasted as you can imagine. I thought things like that only happened in nursery rhymes. Well I couldn't be more wrong. Take my word for it, if you are still suffering from the same delusion.

So I sat in my room, another sleepless night filled with crazy nightmares. At around the same time the sun began to rise, I started making my way to the bathroom for a wee. It was about this time that I found that my cat, Hous bin Pharteen, had trapped a mouse. I picked bin Pharteen up and kept him in my room. On my way back I grabbed a plastic shovel to pick the mouse up and throw it away.

Still clad in my pajamas, I set about the bathroom looking to find the mouse. But the creature was as fast as a Lamborghini Gallardo. It wove this way and that with all the grace and speed of Haile Gebrselassie. And then he was out in the open. I followed him out. He had disappeared- but in a completely different way than I had imagined.

It was completely unexpected when a tickle ran up my left thigh. It took me a little while to realize what was happening, at which point I started yelping and jumping around like a drugged Native American gone insane, with chicken bones hanging from his neck, if I may add so. But this did nothing to dislodge the mouse; all it did was encourage it to seek shelter on higher ground. It hung on tight, as it ran up my thighs, and up, upper still, till it had reached my shoulders. Scared to my bones, I ran out of the house, and right there, out in the middle of the street, I ripped open my shirt, and the mouse found it's way to freedom. I embraced the fresh morning air, as only a sleep-deprived deranged, half-naked man could.

I've been hearing about what has been going on in the country over the past few weeks. I guess that pretty much everyone in the nation has had their little run-ins with mice? Eh? Eh?

By Ducky!

Stop the presses

Books can obviously act as a person's best friend. That, being a very clichéd and silly statement, since I never shared a secret with a book and if you did, you need a check up, I began wondering whether books can be a person's worst enemy. The answer is yes, they very well can, providing your best friend is 'Tell Me Your Dreams' or 'The Alchemist' or whatever. Now, about books which have the potential to become your best friend, I decided to review one of the 'timeless classic', something I would like to do again without hesitation if asked or if I want to. The latter being more likely.

The book is called “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” I read the book when I was in Kindergarten and I didn't like it much. Decades later I was surprised to see that the book was still in circulation. The story is about a stupid girl called who just walks into a cottage, unaware of the dangers that may lie within. More stupidity arises when one gets to know that the cottage belongs to three bears called Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear. Allegedly the bears had gone for a walk and seeing an empty cottage Goldilocks walks in and starts to wander around. Instead of searching for toys or expensive objects, Goldilocks here tastes porridges, preferring Baby Bear's one which she likes whereas the other two are too salty or too sweet. The narration is also very annoying as it says things like “Here is Goldilocks. No one is home, says Goldilocks. I can go in.”

The story continues as Goldilocks sits on chairs, breaks Baby bear's chair and then actually feels that she has to sleep, throwing caution to the wind. You would think why a little girl can wander in the woods and about how are parent's feel, but the story doesn't tell you that. You know why? Because it's stupid that's why.

I won't spoil the ending for you, but Goldilocks falls asleep in Baby Bear's bed after messing everyone else's one and soon the bears return home to find eaten porridges and broken chairs and what not. The writer probably feels that thrill builds up at this part, but it really doesn't. Its basically just doesn't, but being a nice guy I wont 'spoil' the ending for you but I can assure you that its nonsense.

I know it's a children's story and all that but if you plan to read it, I advice you not to, unless you want a big disappointment. No gore, no blood, no plot, no witty dialogue, no nothing except for mindless stupidity. I hate it and it hates me and thus we have become sworn enemies (or not). My advice? Don't read it!

N.B- The word 'stupid' or something related appears 6 times and doesn't do any justice!

By Osama Rahman


Cool Adda

Location: The Monkey cage in Mirpur Cheeriakhana (national Zoo)

What to wear: Only Tarzan/Jane type clothing is allowed; make sure you put on plenty of really smelly anti mosquito cream on your body.

The Adda: This adda can be a little wild as topics usually range from discussion of preservation of wild animals in the zoos of our country to the preservation of your life from the wild animal in the cage. If you do not find any human friend willing to come with you then you can always talk with Chita or Chikita (your monkey adda partners). They are more than willing discuss the use of fertilizer in growing bananas quickly in the dense jungle, the way Bangladeshi banana planters do. Addas such as these tend to open up your brain to the brighter sides of life, as you become more apparent with Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Basically, this is the next stage of your evolution as an addabaz. Monkeys are also supposed to be good at picking lice from human hair, this may come handy if all else fail.

The cons: Well just be a bit careful of the visitors, as in their eyes, you are the more attractive animal and they will show their affection by throwing bananas, stones and gooey substances at you.

The next stage: if you have succeeded in being with the monkey, the next adda can take place in cage with Tiger or a Lion, so be mentally prepared.

By Monty Python

RS Mailbox

I would like to congratulate Rising Stars for their piece on movie remakes
in the last edition. It would be more interesting if they write something about movie sequels in their next edition. RISING STAR ROCKS
Mohammed Rafi

Dear RS,
Thank you for providing us with the 20th Sept. issue. The theme “Man vs. Earth” was really innovative and excellent.
I'm looking forward to seeing more of the good stuff.
Sudipta Ranjan Saha


· I intend to live forever. So far, so good!
· Never take life seriously; nobody gets out alive anyway.
· Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.
· The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen all at once.

· Early to rise, and early to bed, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and dead.
· Never test the depth of the water with both feet.
· Timing has an awful lot to do with the outcome of a raindance.
· The problem with reality is a lack of background music.

· Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental.
· It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it.
· Just when you think you've finally hit the bottom, someone tosses you a shovel.

· Life is the process of losing our illusions, until we finally lose the illusion that we are alive.
· The surest way to convey misinformation is to tell the strict truth.
· Life would be so much easier if everyone read the manual.

Source: Onnachance.com


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