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By Osama Rahman

'If an angel comes down and takes me away, memories of me and my songs will always stay…until the end of time' ---2pac Shakur, Until The End Of Time

Two simultaneous door-bells would signal the arrival of my father. He wouldn't come bearing material gifts, but he would come with an unsaid promise of love, care and protection. That is all we would require and we never had to ask for more. My father taught me everything that makes me a man today. He wasn't the strict-type, but he spoke his mind with us, had a big heart and put forth other's happiness and problems before even looking at himself.

On 29th December 2007, my father left us on his journey to the after-world. The farewell was sudden and unexpected and left a void which no amount of happiness or love can ever feel. Within a span of few painful moments, I witnessed the loss of the most integral part of not only my family, but my life.

We only seem to realize the value of something, when we lose it, as the saying goes. The case here was never true, since throughout my 18 years, I have always known that it would not be possible for me to do anything without the help of my dear Papa. Fathers are always portrayed as the one who offers protection, unconditional love and the one who provides for the family. My father was no exception. I loved him dearly and I will continue to do forever and throughout my life my goal would not be to live my dream but to fulfill his, the dream of seeing us all happy and contended for eternity.

My father was a simple man with extravagant ways, a walking and talking contradiction was what he was. His only joy in life was his family and he was the true definition of a real family man. He had no demands, no desires and no lack of courage. In no way was he the perfect human being because he had a number of faults as well, but his faults were in no way harmful. We learned to adore his shortcomings, his downfalls and we were in awe of his will to live. His vision of a future involved him being fed by the silver-spoon by his children, a simple dream for a simple person.

My memories of him consist of numerous hours of playing cricket, badminton, sharing jokes, listening to him reminisce, watching him fondly listening to a boring old song while playing solitaire and smoking on his beloved 'Benson & Hedges'. Then there were some rare moments when he would shower some praise on me and the pride he felt in our success was so evident, that at those moments I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to see that gleam of joy and pride in his eye.

The loss of a father cannot be explained by words and no quantity of tears can make the heart feel lighter. A father is a role model for his son, a jewel for his mother, the joy of a daughter and the life of a wife and thus losing all altogether is not an event which one ever hopes to recover from. The whole universe seems different, the whole world seems devoid of joy, life feels worthless, God is deemed unfair and the final script of a happy family is written and the chapter closed.

' When you were born, the world rejoiced as you cried. Live your life in such a way, so that when you depart, the world cries whilst you rejoice'- My father did exactly that and lived up to one of his favorite quotes. 50 years of life isn't enough, 18 years of knowing your father isn't enough and only 24 years of being with the man you love is cruel. I'll be the man my father was and there were will never be another man like him. But life goes on, memories stay and my request to anyone who has taken the time to read this is to offer a sincere prayer for the departed and those lucky enough to have a father, let not any opportunity pass you by when you can see that gleam of pride and joy in your father's life. Death is the only inevitable thing and you have a lifetime to reach it. Love your family, love your parents and make use of the time that you have been blessed with. And this valentine's day, while others find time to take their significant out and express their love in their own individual ways, I simply wish to place a rose on my father's grave and wish for him to be my valentine forever, the person I love and would wish to spend my life with, forever. And though my valentine remains elusive, those that have their special one, I pray for them to remain together happily, ever after…

In memory of the man who loved to live, The Late Navedur Rahman.

Reading the last week's message form the RS desk I gave out a loud sigh and slumped down on the couch. Valentines Day was something I just had no idea about. I had destroyed (well so I think) my entire life being a single because I am just so proud to ditch my tough girl rep at school. No one ever even sent me a blank piece of paper on V-Day. But I for one was never going to give up! So I started thinking up ideas that I could send for RS.

The first person I sought help from was the heart throb of all guys or otherwise known as my BFF. She being highly experienced person in “love” suggested that we should take an interview of some overly sweet couple who were all flowers over each other. We did try to approach some but in the end decided that it was a bad idea after receiving some weird looks from our “targets”.

Then we decided to ask some singles about their views of V-Day. Now we all know, particularly me, that singles love to “pochafy” V-Day or anything connected with love as they are always failures at it and so they all gave the very answer I knew the would, i) its disgusting, ii) it's a waste of money.

Thus this idea too turned out to be huge flop.

We two friends were now stranded on a lone desert with no more ideas (no matter how “faltu”) left. Having nothing else to do, I then hit the net and started browsing for things like prophecies of love and what not and ended up with the plans of some mad chick dumping her bf on Valentines Day! Oh well, I then realized that this was just not for me. Me, who always look for a chance to beat up boys, am just not the person to get all cheesy on Valentines Day. But hey! That doesn't mean you people won’t. So all the love birds out there good luck getting all mushy with red roses and singing cards for your significant other. And as for all the unhappy and distressed people like me just act blind to all the lovey dovey activities going around you and hide the jealous feelings in your heart with an armour of disgust.

So long, have a good valentine .

p.s don't tell me to give cards to my family members or teachers because that's just downright absurd!

By Mashiat Rabbani

On Valentines Day, to the man who loves me the most

Like a tree shading me with all its branches spread,
Like the earth supporting me with all its strength,
Near you my world is an empire, and I am the empress,
I receive all nourishments and am spared my distress,
Time passed by, emotions changed, and between us grew a distance,
Sore looks, conflicted conversations were a part of every dinner,
Opaque eyes hid the love we had for each other,
You were afraid that escaped emotions would take me far away,
But here I am, closing my eyes to picture the man who loves me most,
I can only see your face, Dad,
So, on Valentines, Day, I convey my pure love.
No, you are not my friend neither are you considerate,
You are my obstinate teacher, my guide,
I give my reasons and with a "but" you put your own,
No matter how I yelled you never made way for the wrong,
From the hero you became my villain, the thorn in my life,
But yet, in spite of me, you did what was right,
That's how much and even more your love shields me.
In the cold nights, you wake up, walk up to my room,
Close the fat book from my hand and make sure the blanket's worn,
You check the windows that they are closed,
So that cold breeze cannot interrupt my dreams,
You watch me sleeping for a while,
Letting out a deep breath,
That wanted to hold the time,
That asked for the years passed,
That asked to me not to grow so fast,
You then compare my childhood pictures,
With me, still and lying on the bed,
Then you give a look that asks,
How and why in front of your eyes,
I changed...
You curve your hands through my hair,
With love and affection
Then turn away, wiping a tear,
Mingled with gloom and cheer.
You are the only one who asks me to learn,
No matter with all the mistakes.
You make me feel secure,
Making me believe that I will be held,
If I lost my balance and fell.
I find no end expressing my love and my gratitude,
I would consider the moment my triumph,
When I can make you stand proud.
Dad, my guidance, my book of advice,
My love and respect worthy, On Valentines Day
I convey my pure love.
By Naima Nuren Khan

Denying to Love!

I know it is you again
Knocking at the door of my heart;
To fill it with new illusion & imaginations
But I won't let you in this time.

I know my heart is not a place
Where you would like to stay forever;
And, neither can I see you stay as a guest
Nor see you leave my heart alone when needed!

Don't think I would be losing
by rejecting you
Because I know this time I will win
By giving you up to someone else's hand
To take care of you the way you deserve!

Moreover, I won't be heart-broken to do so
Nor will I cry for you,
Instead the tears will be like a gift on my eyes
From the memories of those I thought mine.
By Beloved Bird


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