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The things we do for love

Sweets for the sweet
For the last 19 years, my friend, Mou's dad would buy her a massive bar of Dairy Milk Chocolate on every Valentine's Day. When she was younger, she would look inquisitively at her father on receiving the chocolate and ask,

"Baba, Valentine's Day is for boyfriends and girlfriends. Why are YOU giving me a chocolate?"

Every year, her father would smile and have the same answer: "Valentine's Day is for people who love each other. Now, shut up and eat the damn chocolate!"
Sabhanaz Rashid Diya

Going crazy
“It was a year and a half ago. I had already been pursuing my crush for about two months when I decided enough was enough and I wouldn't take another no for an answer from her.

So the next time I met her at a mutual friend's birthday party, I held the bunch of red roses I got for her, got down on my knees and in front of everyone - told her that if she wouldn't be my girlfriend, I would go mad and if I did, it would be entirely her fault. A few shocked minutes after I confessed my love for her, she told me to get up and said yes ever so softly. It was the start of the most perfect relationship I've been in till date.”
Imran Ahmed, 20 years old
Sent in by Nisma

Mr. Grouchy
My guy hates Valentines day and is not the mushy-romantic-flower giving type but he still manages to do something.

The very first ring (yes I got many) that I got from him was on a very ordinary date. He came along with a friend of his who had to stop by at a pharmacy to buy a bandaid. The friend cut his finger.

He suddenly decided he will propose to me. He went down on one knee and asked for my hand. I meekly followed. God knows why I thought he would give me a ring...maybe I should stop watching romantic movies. He then asked his friend for the extra bandaid

He wrapped the bandaid around my ring finger and said, "There you go, now you have a ring".

Like every girl I also wanted my guy to show his love in different and unusual ways. But it also included sticking to the classic diamond ring. So what happened after the bandaid ring? Well, it worked for me and brought a big smile on my face. So far though I got rings made out of paper, leaves, wires and anything you can wrap around your finger followed by renewed proposals. 7 years and a marriage later the diamond ring is still elusive but the others add up better.

On Valentine's Day, boy (to remain unnamed) goes to a gift shop, buys a gift for his girlfriend (also to remain unnamed), and meets her on the road. Instead of chatting with her and taking a walk with her, however, he gives her the gift and runs away. The girl stands on the road, awestruck, not because the boy ran away, but because she didn't expect a gift from him in the first place and therefore didn't buy him a gift either. So she goes to his house, meets him, says thank you and runs away without further elaboration.

We have no idea why everyone was running though.
Anika Tabassum

People propose with rings. I went for an anklet. I practiced clipping it on in mere seconds using the study table leg as a surrogate ankle. I was good, way too good at it. Given proper light I could do it with one hand. I practiced my speech. I practiced the question. It was The Question.

By the time we met it was dark. We were outside and the street lamp I counted on for romantic lighting was out. I jogged regularly and felt I was quite fit. But my heart rate that day raced so fast that it was a fast paced drumming rather than the familiar lub-dub.

I took out the anklet and she smiled. I offered to put it on. Bending down to fasten the clasp was a Herculean task. I just couldn't do it. And I could hear her giggle.

After much silent cursing the smooth flawless operation unraveled completely. She helped. And then she planted a kiss on my cheek.

Hell yeah! I was on a high. I ran all the way home. I barked at a dog that dared bark at me. I went home that night feeling I had won the world. That she had accepted my proposal. Wait! She accepted? It's when I realized I had forgot to pop the question in my delirious state.

A few hours later I called her. She laughed. A few years later we were married. A sense of humour is the best trait a guy can ask for in a girl.

Pehla Naasha..Pehla Khumaar
Noora shut her book frustratingly. Glancing at the clock, she realized it was almost midnight. So much for Valentines Day. Some day she had had. The guy she was in love with was at Gazipur, on a family outing. Usually Noora didn't believe in such days, but seeing other couples hanging out together having fun made her blood boil with regret and self pity.

Not that her day had gone bad. Noora had gone out with friends, watched a movie and now she was trying to study, without much success. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed her cell phone screen blinking. Ayman, her boyfriend was calling her. Where had he been all day?

“Hello..?” she answered in a bored tone. They had been talking or a few minutes when Ayman suddenly said, “Janalar kache asho”. Puzzled yet curious, Noora made her way to the window. Slowly, she peeped out of the curtains. Ayman was standing right across the street!

“How did you get here? Weren't you in Gazipur? Do your parents know?” she asked all at once. “Whoa! One at a time! I got here from Gazipur, just to see you. How comes later. For now, this one is for you…”he said just as six balloons (the number of months they had been dating) magically appeared in the hand that he had kept behind him all this time. And slowly, he let go of them. Noora watched, from her third floor apartment, as the balloons ascended towards the moonlight sky. It was so beautiful. “I love you…” she whispered over the phone. “As if I don't…” he replied back, chuckling.
Nayeema Reza

We met in coaching center after H.S.C. and became very good friend. We liked each other but couldn't express. We didn't met and contact after result. After 7 months we met again in university. Finally last year on valentine day I proposed her and she accepted. That was my best moment in life.

Valentine message board

RS Mailbox was bursting at the seams messages of love. Here's a pick of the ones that really got to us on this lovin' day.

From Asma to Liton
I'm so lucky to have you
To love and to hold
To laugh and cry with
And to grow old........

My wish to my lovely, cute, adorable Teddy:
Why do you love me? Why do you sacrifice so much for me? I don't know how to repay you. I think there's no give and take business in love, right? But trust me; I really don't know how to show it but I know that I love you more than anything in this world.
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to the Rising Stars too...you guys are always great!

Baby I Love you. You are my life. I will love you till my death. Can't think of anything else without you. Maybe you are thousands mile away from me now, but you are in my heart. I miss you silly.

To Shafkat, the executioner, I don't know where or how you are now. I wanted to write something special for you but I'm out of words!! I just wanna thank you for giving me the best day of my life...love you always...umm, what else? Oh! Happy Valentine's Day!!! :D Sincerely faithfully and always

Hello my Baghu
How are you honey? I'm wishing u a very Happy Valentine's Day. You have come to my life as Allah's greatest blessing and have filled my life with all the joy I could ever have. I love you with my everything jaan. Always be mine!
Forever yours

It's been three years now that i've known you. Romeo and juliet is a story of what we go through. As each valentine's passes, the more we are attached. Luckily Cupid struck me, as you are my perfect match. Happy valentine's!
Love always

"My Dear Nazarah,
Your Baghu loves you like nothing else Nazarah.
My love doesn't wait for any particular day but it grows & waits for every single moment of every day.
Happy Valentines Day my Nazarah! Always be mine!
Yours forever,
Pagla Baghu

I am not much of a writer, or a poet or an artist or anything that can interpret the feelings of love that I have for you. All I can do is tell you every single day that I love you and every time it feels like for the first time.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
When I see you
I don't have a clue
Why poems like this
Sound so profound
When in reality……..
I should not be thinking of silly poems at all except for you but I do anyways because the sight of your loveliness scrambles my brain and tells me that I need to stop but I can't……see what you do to me?
To my Pumkin,
Love J

Disclaimer: This section is not responsible for any negative (or otherwise) outcome of the messages printed in it. Please do not abuse this special facility to play pranks.






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