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It was dark outside the dark clouds were getting together making loud noises. The lightning was shown in the sky along with heart breaking thunder, it was about to rain. Everyone was running to their houses all in hurry to leave except for one child a little girl with red hair was sitting on a pavement stone on her backyard. She was with her head bowed down holding her pink teddy bear cuddled in her arms. Her tears falling from her eyes splash and drop on her knees her nose red as well as her cheek. Just then a thunder roar which turned down her scream, she screamed at the top of her voice “how could they, how could they forget.” Her worst fear came true a fear that haunted her all weekend. Her pink frock fluttered as the leaves in the wind. The girl kept on crying and crying she can't stop thinking of the three days that gone past she hoped just a little patients just a little more. But all was lost of all people they should have remembered. She was just a little girl and she didn't know any other way to express her anger. There was someone coming behind her no matter what she won't talk to anyone this moment. But the person came forward and poked her and said 'hey squirt moms calling you for dinner' She looked back with an angry expression and screamed 'I am not coming' Her brother only laughed and carried her inside although she was screaming 'I won't go I won't' but she was no more then a pillow to him. As soon as they entered the light turned on and everybody screamed “Happy Birthday Kohl” Kohl rubbed her eyes and said you remembered' ' of course drool face you can't expect us to forget after suffering from it for all this years' said her twin brother. She had twin brothers older than her. After all this there were laughter and fun along with gulping of cakes and chores of birthday song it seemed that nothing could go wrong that day.

But suddenly everything went black there was sound of alarm clock. Kohl got up rubbing her eyes. That's the fourth time that dream came to her 16years have past since this memory was real. She looked out the window the sky was as dark as it was 16years ago. She is living in a girls hostel a long way from home. Today was also her birthday but her family was no longer there for her. Oh she wished so much that she was back home and let them give her another surprise. But it was impossible. She looked down and closed the window she got freshen up for breakfast. As soon as she opened the front door there came a cheer. “Surprise” and there they were her family holding a cake. She thought and smiled “Maybe we give up too soon”.

Conservation- starting from scratch
It hurts us to hurt other people; it hurts us to see others get hurt. It hurts us to hurt any other living being, and it feels awfully bad when they shed tears. But it does not hurt us to see the environment get hurt. We don't even bother thinking how much the Earth is crying…just because we hurt her. We can change that, if we want to. Starting from the minute things, we can contribute to the conservation of earth. Yes, each and every of us.

Electricity production is the one of the leading cause of industrial air pollution and is responsible for 40 percent of the nation's carbon emissions that contribute to global climate change. If you light a 100W bulb for a minute, you are wasting about two joules of energy! It would help if you stop wasting electricity.

It takes around 17 trees to produce one ton of high-class paper. We're cutting more trees on more purposes, and not planting them. Wastage of paper can be reduced.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are an energy-saving alternative to incandescent bulbs - they produce the same amount of light, use one third of the electricity, and last up to ten times as long. More electricity saved.

Around 500 tons of water is required to manufacture a single car. An average family uses about 1000 litres of water a week just to flush the toilet. Wasting water can be reduced.

It takes around 500 years for a plastic bottle to decompose. We could stop using plastic bottles.

A single litre of used motor oil poured into a river or canal can poison about 1 million litres of water. More trash in the rivers make them more toxicated. Every year around 2 million birds and mammals die due to swallowing plastic thrash thrown away into the sea. We could stop polluting the water when it is pretty to throw something in it…

A cotton T-shirt blended with polyester can release approximately one quarter of its weight in air pollutants and 10 times its weight in carbon dioxide.

Starting from scratch and doing the infinitesimal things, we can always make Earth a better place to live in. Being a little safer, practicing little perseverance, and taking care of Mother Earth…not a very hard thing to do!


By bloo somebody

Reigning Madness

Rain-drops plummet down
Conveying memories of you,
I look at the dreary sky
Fiery by the glares of lightning
With remnants of blue.

Distraught and torn from within,
My eyes glistening with tears
I try desperately to hold the rain,
Capture a drop and imprison it forever
But I fail with much chagrin.

The growling of thunder
Unleashes the mutilated beast
From my heart; Cries of pain
Become sheer echoes
In the distant rumble.

The gusty wind whistles past
Rustling the leaves of the trees;
It whispers in my ears softly
About the lost days
That I had wished forever to last.

Drenched completely I look on
As the reverberations cease
Taking away the worst of it;
The world is now silent, at peace
While my soul still awaits to be at ease.

By Faria Sanjana


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