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Saveem Shama

December 3 was the International Day of Disabled Persons. Now how many of us actually had that in our knowledge? So, while the majority of our population was unaware, while the ones who knew kept it to themselves…this other group was actually celebrating the occasion, putting in an effort to bring a smile of satisfaction to the faces of the disabled people in our society. On December 20 the Leo Club of Dhaka Heaven Plus got all set to make a difference through a football match at field in the city's Dhanmondi Area…if it seemed like an ordinary sight then what stood out was the extraordinary motive behind such an undertaking. They held a Unified Charity Football Match between two mixed teams of disabled athletes and fit athletes, all playing alongside to raise awareness in the society and establish the rights of the disabled. The teams consisted of athletes from the Bangladesh Special Olympics team and a few Leos of the club as well.

The weather was chilly, the sky looked bleak but spirits were high and smiles were up. From the starting time of 3:00 pm in the afternoon, it was a vista showing people that this bunch may not be all that gifted but they are a part of us, our society, our nation. Their astounding athletic abilities and a great amount of confidence really impressed the spectators around and proved no matter how much "disability" is the constraint, their ability to face the world and its beings is far greater than any other person. The two teams were jointly declared as the champions followed by the distribution of medals and prizes by Shamim Matin Chowdhury, Chairperson of Special Olympics Bangladesh,. Such an effort itself was an eminent accomplishment for the Leo Club of Dhaka Heaven Plus after holding this event for the second time in 2008-09. They did not fail yet again, to show how a lending little oppurtunity, a simple chance and a generous hand can make a difference this big!

The Leo Cub of Dhaka Heaven Plus, District 315 B-2, is a youth movement in Dhaka of the world's largest secular service organization The Lions Club International, founded in US in 1917 and with its headquarter in Illinois, United States and having over 44,500 clubs over 201 countries over the world. Leo club program was adopted by the LCI in 1967, as an official program of the association, giving a chance to the youth to take part in the development of the society. The Leos here, aged between 16 to 18 years, have always been successful to bring about a great change extending a small hand to the community, proved by their numerous projects including language workshops, environment cleanups, building houses and other educational and health projects one after the other, in organizations like ASHIC Foundation, A Beautiful Mind, Dhaka Project, Jaago Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, coordinating activities, for example, "My Wish", "A street a day" and then the renowned Leo Charity Shield, all these past months. On a greater note the club will be celebrating it's 50 successful project in the month of January 2009 only 7 month's since it's inception in July 2008. The club everyday is living up to the Leo motto, "Leadership-Experience-Opportunity", demonstrating how "changes come bearing gifts"!

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