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Love me not

"True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have seen."
-La Rochefoucauld

When someone you look at looks so perfect that its too good to be true, when you look at that someone and realize that there can be none who will can more perfect for you, when this is the only person you want to be with in the pouring rain, the only person you want to share your every moment with, that is always when it begins. It brings the horrible side of this beauty and makes the feathers of happiness burn and become ashes. A feeling of wanting to hide, feeling of wanting to run away from all this, the wish to spend your last breath just looking at that person…for the last time changes everything. Forever.

The journey begins from the minutest three words that ever can be spoken by the infinitesimal being, and often ends scorning hearts and ruining lives. Love is said to be the strongest power on human emotions, as well the most destructive one. To skeptics who blow off this factor as people being weak of heart, they should think again. In one way or the other, falling in love plays a very important role in all of our lives. Deep inside, all of us know what its like to be…

The tiny drops of water clung to the windowsills as Reedita looked at them falling from the sky. The smell of freshly washed soil was her favourite, and there she loved the sight of the sky just after it rained. She looked at the screen of her cell phone, which she had barely managed to buy. All she wanted to do was wait for him to call. After she spent the last of her money recharging her cell phone he decided not to talk to her. She would be appearing for her first O level exam tomorrow, and yet she could not even remember what the formula for kinetic energy was. For over a year she had been preparing for this day, and she had been impeccable in the face of every obstacle. But this one failed her…

Mahid looked at the spotlight and started strumming his guitar. This was the last song he had written for her, and this was the last song he would be singing…ever. The melody mixed with the atmosphere and blended in with his emotions, the ambience was piercing through his heart and yet there was no sign of her. He pictured her there, smiling at him and cheering for him, but the only thing that smiled at him was the silence that she brought on to him with her cruelty. At the end of the song, he looked at the entrance and wished that a miracle would happen. It never did. His last song was left unsung…

Picking her bags, she looked at the picture for the last time. Trying to smile at the memory, Anusha hid the frame and got out of the house. The chilly atmosphere and the crispy air blew her curly black hair. Everything seemed as if they were against her, and she just wanted to run away from what just happened. It hurt her to see him with someone else, and the scene just kept on playing in front of her eyes again and again. She went into the tall building that was the entrance of her happiness, but she blew it. Instead of sitting in the interview she sat on one side of the park and cried her heart out, only wishing that she could ever have him back…

Her smile made his life complete, every time she walked away it was as if he took a piece of him with her. His life began with her, and ended with her. Without her Zahin would never have come this far, and would never made his life the way it was, and now she was there…in the stars. His heart felt like a field fired with innumerous bullets and decapitated to a new and higher level. With one last look at the stars, he went near the roof and did not look back. He wanted to go where the stars were…

Love begins with such fantasies that make our life look like the most perfect tale, and when it ends it feels as if…the feeling cannot be described. In the end words are all they ever have and that is never enough to change what will in no way be the same…

By Raida Kifait Reza

Idiots in daily life

I just realized that surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly (there are loads of them), I am acquainted with a large number of idiots. (In case these idiots come after me, names and schools not to be mentioned.) I find them quite interesting (not to mention annoying) and am seriously considering doing a case study on them to propose them as a new species.

In this prelude to my study, I'm going to focus on guys, 'cause the clueless cutie is way too clichéd even to be attention-worthy. (Besides, why should girls get this negative attention? Idiotic boys are often mentioned but not nearly as talked of as CCs.)

Firstly, all resemblance between the idiots mentioned in this article and idiots from real life are purely coincidental. This is a general impression not based on mere individuals.

Also, the word 'idiot' has now evolved from meaning just stupid to a whole range of things. So, I will be exploring as much ground as I can.

Clueless: This sub-species includes the ones who just don't see the things right in front of them. Like when after finishing 'Julius Caesar', one of my friends asked, “Hey is Brutus a man?” (True story, honest!). And this guy in my class (Class 8) wrote that “there are no differences between plant and animal cells except for the fact that animal cells are formed in animals and plant cells are formed in plants.

Annoying Pests: (note to self: change 2nd word) these subs can range from the brother nagging you to finish his project for him just to annoy you to the guy in the seat next to you cracking lame jokes for the same reason. These are the kind of idiots that you'd splat with a fly-swatter, run over with a truck or strangle…list goes on and on.

Cool Dudes: I find these subs extremely annoying. They're the ones that walk up to you, smooth their Mohawk or Wicked-Casino-Look and say “Yo” in a deep voice while you try to avoid their bad breath. They carry pocket mirrors, or look in mirrors and even shadows. They expect everyone to worship the ground they walk on and act like you're fawning over them if you're in sight.

Wussies: (It's pronounced Wossie in a British Accent.) This is the sub all girls have to deal with. Too obsessed with a girl, too chicken to talk to her, they slink around annoying the girl still she hates him. that Kumquat is spelled this way, I just like it with 2 Qs.), stalkers etc.

Nyaka: This sub is a new addition. They suck up to everyone, going to extremes. They grovel at your feet in a whining, wheedling voice and of course, expect favours and money in return. They take money and promise to return it the next day, stretching on to forever. They endure any kind of torture just to be in a gang or get a favour. Note: These are different from wussies who beg crush-related favours and are not nearly as suck-up-y.

Painful Funnies: This sub makes the dumbest jokes out of a desire to impress (it does NOT work). If you are among the fortunate few not to know a PF, don't try to acquaint yourself; you'll regret it. Note: These subs can be converted but extremely rarely, so unless you like sacrificing your life and sanity, don't try. Good practice for missionaries.

These are just the main subs. More detailed analysis will ensue before I draw a final conclusion. In the meantime, I will be running from those who have figured out their roles in my article. Still, now when you call someone an idiot, you know which one you are calling them.

By Siffy S

Won't You Be Mine

It cuts through space, soaring through the myriad of stars and flames and leaving behind it a trail of brilliant light and sparkle. Its sound and fury are deaf on my ears, though. I only see it. Blazing through the dark of the night, bursting into light as it arches gracefully overhead. From this far away, I can only do so much.

The radio plays something soft, soothing. I leave the station on and watch the comet's progress. It is swift. Tonight it outshines the stars. Its radiance, however short-lived that may be, makes me smile.

If I could write a letter in the stars, I would not say much. But I would leave reminders, in the amber warmth of Mars and the symmetry of Sirius, in the cool blue shimmer of Castor and Altair. I would ask you to smile, smile every time you see the roses. I would ask you to laugh, laugh every time the evening breeze rustles the leaves now turning red on the trees and carries with it the smell of mossy earth. And every time you stumble and I am not there to catch your fall, every time you look behind you and I am not there to keep you safe, I want you to remember that we are under the same stars. The sky might be a different shade of dark where I am, but the same moon that watches over me watches over you.

The comet, I know, will not stay the tonight. But as they say, I only have to look to the heavens to know we're never really far apart.


One Liners

* Advice for the day: If you have a headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle: Take two, and keep away from children.

* Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian.

Source: oneliners-and-proverbs.com


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