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Nano tales

Beautiful Stranger
As I danced around with this beautiful stranger inside the ball, I continued to stare at her beautiful golden eyes not caring about the fact that we were the centre of attraction there. She continued to stare back at me and I held her more closely to me with our faces mere inches away. She touched her lips to mine.
By Nafis Rafsan

Cracking Heads
On went their hammers, cracking open the hard surfaces, tenaciously revealing the red tenderness within, scattering bones. Not a slight streak of tenderness across their face, they went on minding their own business. A man in robed exquisite white muttered instructions to them, asking them to hit exactly in marked places, and quietly the domes continued, cracking the head open.
By Ahmed Saquif Alam Anough

The Absence of Green
The sun advances inch by inch, bright and unforgiving, towards the sinners of the heartless city. The smell wafts through the airof roasted flesh, of dried blood, of burnt skin. Like the sarcastic 'joker', the sun grins wider…and cities turn to shards of charcoal. But of course, this is just the beginning.
By Juno Hera


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