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By Shaer Reaz
Photo: Amirul Rajiv

Fireworks are starting to play a larger role in special events across Dhaka. From the Cricket World Cup to weddings, fireworks are becoming an important by-line. They come in all shapes and sizes, and represent one of those things that highlight Old Dhaka in a different light.

Shakharibazar is a famous place, almost entirely for the range of fireworks available there. From the innocent tarabati to the much more dramatic “rocket”, Shakharibazar has it all. Potkas can be bought for as low as 5-10 taka per piece, tarabatis for 20, and rockets cost upwards of 200. Most of these are Bangladeshi made, and have safety ratings to match. There have been quite a few incidents where potkas have blown up in peoples' faces even though a safe distance was maintained.

If you want a world class fireworks experience though, call the professionals. Cloud Ex will supply, deliver and operate, catering to all your fireworks needs. Small fireworks, almost the official term now, are Indian made fireworks which are cheap but hold a decent bang (200-250 taka per firework). Bang for buck wise, though, the Indian made Mega fireworks are the best. Costing 500-800 taka per stick, these come in a more varied range of colours and give larger mushrooms up in the sky. Lighting up the sky isn't all that cheap though, since Supreme fireworks cost about 1200-1500 taka per stick and are made in China. For any major event, buying a combination of these in a bundle will make the total cost considerably cheaper.

While the bright colours and drama of fireworks are great entertainment for both young and old, fireworks also have an uglier, more dangerous side. To prevent firework related accidents and personal injury, the local police take necessary measures to make sure everything is done safely. The police put up checkposts before New Year's, but they usually don't harass people who have an event to attend, like a wedding or birthday. For personal reasons though, the police recommends getting a police clearance, just in case.

So there you have it. If you want a change to your New Year's schedule, try lighting up the sky. Contact Maruf-ur-Rahman (01670974253) or Ehsanul Haque (01912682476) from Cloud Ex, or leave an email at cloudexbd@gmail.com. Their warehouse is in Shakharibazar, Old Dhaka. They charge 300 per day plus transportation costs to operate the fireworks for you. They will also delver to your home.

Happy New Year everyone!



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