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The end is here. Quite literally. 2011 has been quite eventful, full of events and fools. We had Teesta, Tipaimukh and all kinds of OCCUPATIONs. Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber became two of the highest paid under 30 singers. Michael Jackson became highest grossing dead artist and second highest earning pop star dead or alive. Laden died. Kim Jong died. Gaddafi died. All the major bad boys have gone. Yeah, Steve Jobs too, the man behind the fact that people can love a brand more than its product. And everyone started getting arrows in the knee. It's been a weird year. Wonder what 2012's going to be. What are your thoughts?

-- Ehsanur Raza Ronny, Editor RS

Meat. Fire. Magic.
Get ready to fry some awesomeness with a winter BBQ

A guide on how not to ruin the meat
With New Year around the corner and the recent hype of barbecues on rooftops, here is a basic guide to whoever wants to try it out for the first time and in the process burn a few pieces of meat to the point of no eating. This might be the only time of the year you will be cooking anything (no, boiling water does not count) so make it good - or at least edible.

The Grill
Of course if you have the money you could go around and buy a proper grill. While we don't know the prices, it would probably be around 1000 bucks for the local builds and a few thousand for the proper grills. On the other hand, if you want to do what everyone else does, you could easily make a make-shift third world innovation of a grill. You basically need a pit to put the coals in, and the rack from an oven. Put the grill on top of the pit, stuff the pit with coal and there you have it. If you are on a rooftop, get a bunch of bricks to make a temporary pit.

The Meat
While people generally go with beef, chicken is also popular these days, as it grills faster and is cheaper. One friend tells me the whole flavour depends on how you process the meat. Apparently the longer you marinate the meat, the better is the taste. According to our cuisine, I have been told that turmeric, chilli, lemons are generally used to marinate the meat. Another important point is to puncture the meat with a fork so that the marinating spices go deeper into the meat. It's about Tk 130 per kg of chicken and Tk 270 of your precious money for the beef. Assume each person is going to eat about half kg of meat.

The Fire
Kerosene is used to start the flame but charcoal is what keeps it going. And while we do understand lighting a fire is exciting, this is the time to be careful. The grill needs to be heated for some time before the actual cooking and constant fanning is required to keep the coals burning. Make sure the burst of endorphins from all the 'fun' does not make you careless and you catch fire. Celebrating the New Year by turning yourself into a bonfire is not a pleasant experience.

You can get about 5kgs of charcoal from Town Hall market of Mohammedpur for about 500 bucks, and we're overshooting here. That should be enough for a few grills to serve 10-15 people. It's also available at New Market and Karwan Bazaar.

The Cooking
You put the meat on the grill and keep fanning. The meet needs to be turned over constantly to ensure the whole thing cooks. Do not hurry or you might end up with raw chicken inside. It should be cooked very slowly. Some people like to sprinkle a little water while the meat is cooking to add a smoky flavour to the meat. Again, the writer is not by any standards, however mediocre, a cook, and this should be tried at your own risk.

So there you have it. Make sure you ask your mother's advice on cooking and you just may end up with something good. Have a very gluttonous new year and if the meat actually tastes decent, be sure to send some over at the RS office. Seriously.

By Moyukh

Must watch TV

BTV News at 8

“Knowledge is power.”

As a thoughtful, wise, compassionate and considerate citizen, you must have been pondering long over the socio-economic problems of our country and channelled much of your energy on how to make this country the champion. You have to Know about your country before you are able to do anything for her. Here enters the Bangladesh Television and its prime time special - the News at 8.

The News at Eight starts at 8 o'clock. There may be disasters; it might be Eid, Bangladesh might be winning against Australia and needing 17 runs from 16 balls with 4 wickets remaining. But the News at 8 will start at 8. It starts off with a beautiful patriotic theme song, with the natural and architectural beauties of our beloved country in the background. The News at 8 builds your love for your country, your heritage and your culture from the very beginning.

The news anchors greet you with a customary salaam and sweetly pronounced welcoming words. This calms your mind and prepares it to take in Knowledge. It also teaches you modesty and enunciation skills. Many a Bangladeshi got their first lesson in speaking clearly from the News at 8. The people who cannot speak clearly into the phones are the ones who have never watched the News at 8. You will also find that they also know much less than you. They will seldom know where one of our policy makers had dinner that day.

The News at 8 dishes out all the important news from all around the country in a 45 minute chronicle. A Minister inaugurated the production of a bridge somewhere? You will know that before anyone else with in-depth analysis from a bystander. A Member of Parliament went to a conference on “Potato-eating: Why and When” and delivered a speech? You get a 10 minute report. Another Minister thinks chickens are tasty? You will get a live feed (excuse the pun) from a farm in Savar, where the chickens express their happiness by clucking gaily.

Then there is International News. Examples include: some politician in India thanking Bangladesh for letting their products through free of charge and the story being highlighted as a massive success for the government; and the messages from the head of our country to other not-so-blessed countries on their joyous occasions like Christmas, death of a dictator, new year etc.

And then there is the Sports News. The announcer pronounces the names of the athletes IN THE MOST CORRECT WAY. Because Graeme Smith should be pronounced as Geraham Smith and Cristiano Ronaldo is just CristianA Ronaldo. And football is Messi and Argentina and Brazil. Nothing else matters.

This show is a work of Art and Information.

By Jawad

Some snippets from our emails, Facebook wars and discussions held between numerous scuffles over the last piece of puri/chop/Mountain Dew. If you have something to rant about, mail us at ds.risingstars @gmail.com or go shout it out on Facebook at www.faceboook.com/DSRisingstars.

Mustabeen Qazi Yup, the books are great! Especially the fight scenes, those who thought women can't write action and sci-fi have been slapped right on the face!

RS - Women can't write action and sci-fi? Frankenstein is credited as one of the first sci-fi books, a book that defined the genre. It was written by a woman. Mary Shelley.

Siham Sarawat
Thanks a lot for reviewing western classical music. We were almost losing it, despite those who are still engaged with it. Merry Christmas!

Fahim Anzoom Rumman
Thanks a lot for reviewing Ninja Robots. I was 4 when it used to air and Renny was my first crush. It played a huge influence on my drawing life. The Christmas wishes were really funny too. I think Miley Cyrus shaves more often than The Rock.

Ayman Shahid
Last week's article on magic made me realize, I've been doing magic all along. My dad at the end of my university year asked me how I made so much of his money disappear without a trace. Poof. Gone. On a serious note, Farhanul Islam is doing something seriously magical, helping those in need.

Kazi Tanzim
Hi there. I was just wondering if I can send articles such as game reviews, book reviews, sports articles, etc. for publishing in the RS? I mean, do i have to be a member of the RS team to send such articles, or can anyone do it?

RS - Anyone can send in articles regarding anything. It's up to the sub editor team to decide what's good, bad or just plain ugly. Also, we have to check whether it has been done before or not.
Also, Eshpelin Mishtak's nose is full of poop. Make of that what you will.

RS - What with all the recent 'Occupy this and that' happening across the globe, OCCUPY RS anyone?

Shahriar S. Emil Nothing to gain by occupying RS. It's the 99%.

Donate your books

As the academic year is over for most schools, your set of text book will not be useful to you any more. But what is a waste to you, might be useful to others. It will help some under privileged children to have one secured school year. So just don't wait, contact the nearest point and join in! :)

Organized by ONGKURON, a non-profit youth led organization. This drive has e=been active since December 12, 2011 and will continue till January 1, 2012

Uttara- Fatematuzohra Suha: http://www.facebook.com/fatematuzzohra.suha
Contact: 01673893678
Gulshan/Banani- Ahnaf Saber: http://www.facebook.com/ahnafsaber
Contact: 01730016795
Mirpur- Shitab Daiyan Akash: http://www.facebook.com/shitab.d.akash



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