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Kids are growing old too fast these days. They now get into school before they even stop crying from the trauma of being born into this earth. Or maybe for a brief second they realise the chaos they are getting into. Maybe that's why newborns cry.

Children, and/or parents are so driven by competition, even admission into nursery requires coaching. Whatever happened to learning your ABCs while blowing spit bubbles? Everything requires coaching whether it be for kindergarten, university application or in some foreign countries, coaching for living your life. We wonder if this trend is necessary. Hope our cover sheds some new light and we thank our readers and fans for taking part in making this in-depth report happen.

-- Ehsanur Raza Ronny, RS Editor

Big Serious Survey #3

School vs coaching: The numbers

These days it seems you can't be a good student if you don't go to coaching. So we asked our readers if that was true. While our cover story deals with the interviews, our poll receiving more than 400 responses give us a better view through numbers. And it's neatly tallied up in the following graphically attractive layout so it's easy to understand. No need to go to coaching for that.

Biggest reason/complaint was that students weren't getting what they needed from their schools. Either teachers didn't give enough time, or simply weren't good enough. Parents will say read books more thoroughly. But some subjects are just not that easily digestible to all.

Parents were the next big cause. They thought the kids would get 'left behind'. Hyper competitive perhaps?

There's those that thought school was good enough but they still felt they could do with more help. Apparently many coaching centres teach shortcuts. We thought it means 'looking over the next examinees shoulder' but we could be wrong. Many prefer the many mocks that prepare them for the real thing. Of course, studying at home and testing yourself is a bit of a mock. 39 preferred the coaching because they were weak in one or two subjects.

Couldn't bother, didn't care, were geniuses that studied in the old fashioned way. So they didn't need coaching.

The peer pull was another big cause. Some got bored studying home alone. Others wanted to go because their friends went. Times have changed. Studying seems to need to be a fun activity now. Bring on the cheerleaders. Woot. Speaking of which a resounding 8 percent think it's a good place to meet girls. No comments from the girls so far.

Said school didn't offer course they wanted or were simply appearing exams in private.

Smart cars play pong

Jock cars play NFS

In order to show how fast an electric car can accelerate, Smart created this unique test drive where a couple of electric Fortwos were used as controllers and this to play a game of Pong.

Although rapidly accelerating back and forth isn't exactly what we mean by taking a car for a test drive, this has to be a hell lot of fun. Even with safety walls and gravel pits to quickly stop the cars, there's still the risk of getting out of control in the spur of the game. But then again, these are electric Smart cars we're talking about. Some say there's more rick of a Hot Wheels cars racing down a plastic track to cause injury.

Now imagine doing this in our streets with our regular old cars. We already have to kind of do weird stuff with the cars anyway, so this could be a good exercise in driving lessons to ge the drivers prepared.

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Tiny article with a big impact this week. Jawad's rage was all the rage:

Shahjada Aswad
Jawad, wow man! Before reading your RAGE filled article, I didn't know that there were so much stuff to hate! And I agree with every one of those things. Good job my fellow-hater!
Conversation devolved into having biscuits with mayo.

Archi Ananya
Jawad, pure awesomeness man! HEH! In your oh-so-pretty/KH3WLZ faces! And Mastura Tasnim's one was... cute?!
Conversation devolved into L337 5P34|<

In fact, conversations were all over the place this week. For examples a comment such as this “ý:|” by Shan Rahman spawned a plethora of comments with some ingenious emoticons.

Rumman R Kalam
The Postal 3 review. Never thought anyone would go there. But someone did. How'd it not get censored out?
Shhh! RS

Tauhidul Islam Khan Rashique
Why there is no section for sports? An article could be written on the Pakistan tour.

We're still waiting to see how the whole situation plays out. We'll have some sports articles soon. - RS

Khadiza Noor
How to win an argument online? Seriously? What's next, dating for dummies?!
Possibly. RS

Tashrif Mahmud
In the charter of trees they demanded in the last article not to burn them as firewood and let them allow them to go to the environment. Now, if they fossilise and turn into natural gas, are we free to burn them?

Kazim Ibn Sadique Cannibalism is forbidden in most established religious and social norms. So when you eat a fruit from a tree planted over a grave, are you a cannibal?

Samira Seraj
Hats off to Jawad for writing such an awesome article!
Mastura Tasnim Why only hats? Why not wallets off to Jawad?



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