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The HAARP Conspiracy

A giant weather controlling, earthquake inducing, brainwashing laser that brings about doomsday

By Rannia

The ground shook with a magnitude of about 8.9. Buildings were brought down, communication systems disrupted, lots of nuclear accidents, loss of hundreds lives and a devastating tsunami with 133ft high waves followed to make it all worse. The Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011 is one of the most devastating natural disasters the world has seen yet. The Haiti earthquake of 2010 is another. With the strength of 7.0, the quake caused massive destructions in Haiti. However there were no pre-tremors or any warnings. So were these natural incidents? Or was a real-life death ray behind it?

Built in 1993 on over 33 acres in Gakona, Alaska, erects around 360 antennas. The HAARP, High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, funded by the US Navy, US Air Force, University of Alaska and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is an ionospheric research program. All these antennas work together to shoot radio waves upwards into the ionosphere, literally heating it up to a level where the waves are reflected back to different parts of the Earth. As anti-HAARP activists claim, HAARP is the most dangerous project that the US government has undertaken so far. Hidden by the innocent name of HAARP is the ultimate death ray.

When HAARP's shot up, it can move clouds. When aimed at the ground it can cause earthquakes and tsunamis. According to Jerry Smith, an anti-HAARP activist says that the US military's desire is to harness the weather and use it as a weapon.

If weather manipulation wasn't scary enough, the following sure will. The extra low frequency that HAARP generates can penetrate your brain and interfere with the brain's waves. Your brain therefore can be influenced by external signals. In short, HAARP can be used to brain wash people and control minds.

These low frequency waves are used to detect submarines and re-route enemy missiles. It can push satellites to a neutral area from where it wouldn't work anymore. Thus HAARP can stop all types of electronic communications. It can also shoot down aircrafts leaving behind no trace of it.

Despite warnings and protests, the project is still being continued. About 30million US dollars are poured into it ever year. Check out the videos on HAARP in Youtube. HAARP's camouflaging the biggest weapon ever created one that can destroy the world.

Out of tune

In loving memory of connectivity

By Sarah Nafisa Shahid

It's not a surprise when we walk on the road that we are bound to stumble upon a few people who have this particular expression on their face, an expression which seems distant but not unheard of. A face which stares out into nothingness and makes you wonder what mystery they could be pondering upon. With headphones plugged into their ears, most likely, they are not even thinking but only listening to someone sing a heart broken tune on their iPod. All the while, de-tuning themselves from the rest of the world.

These lost souls; they tread the worldly pavements of our dear earth and occasionally bump their shoulders into ours, yet not even one care enough to pull off their earphones and apologize. Gone are the days when people would know that they are walking amongst other humans and once in a while would happen to acknowledge someone in that crowd too; exchange a smile maybe, connect to say the least.

Researchers from the University of Maryland in Baltimore recently carried out a study which showed that the number of deaths and injuries amongst pedestrians wearing headphones have almost tripled in the U.S with 116 reported deaths from 2004 to 2011. This is because individuals captivated in their virtual cocoon and humming to their favourite song fail to notice that when walking on the streets, hearing senses are more helpful than visual ones. What will happen when you miss out on a car horn?

Even during face to face interactions, these individuals seem to have an excuse of putting on their earphones and completely ignoring their surroundings, treating humans and objects alike. Little do they know that such atrocities towards mothers trying to talk to her child, best friends meaning to share their pain, brothers trying to bond and lovers trying to do what they do are not gone unnoticed. When they block off a conversation by choosing to put on their earphones, they seize the right to speak from the other person and only allow the mistreated to build up rage against them. Robin Abrahams, a researcher in Harvard University, states that they fall into a trance-state, where humane connections are absent and that music playing on their uber-cool iPod drags them into this grand abyss where only they alone exist with none other. This not only puts the individuals in isolation from the warmth of human bonding but also hampers their general social skill.

But you can't really blame them, because when life lands you in a world where everyday is a battle with reality, every breath is a gasp of carbon-monoxide, every thought is a broken dream and every step outside is a risk against getting mugged, yes, getting lost in your own world might be a fair way out.

However, just in case any of these people ever get their precious music gadgets stolen or get run over because they were too distracted over their iPods while walking on the streets, they should remember that they read about their doom here first. It's never too late to start using those auditory senses that God gifted you with, you know; pay the world a little attention.

Behind Bars

By Munawar Mobin

The first thing I realise after I wake up is how cold it is. I am freezing. It's so dark and cold. I remember a few lights here and there; getting in through the door in a hurry; the cold wind slapping me in the face and then closing my eyes and everything getting blurry.

I rub my neck; it's stiff. Must've fallen asleep in an awkward position. The t-shirt I had on sticks to my chest and my jeans feel terribly heavy. It's all wearing me down. I blink once and twice and suddenly break into a fit of coughing. Asthma's back. I can hear the faint wheezing when I breathe out. There's a sudden pain when I try to move my head. Migraine has given me more company than my own shadow.

I sniff the air. My nose seems blocked; sinus must be back. Thus the headache. I smell the faint smell of cigarettes around me; the ever familiar stench of perspiration and an odd presence of old leather.

Light hits the side of my face. I turn my head slowly. The light cuts through the bars and makes patterns on my clothes. My vision is a little better now. The floor is covered in black and green stains.

The pain in my head keeps coming back in frequent jolts. I feel tired. Immensely tired. Rubbing my eyes does not make the sleep go away. Every little moment seems heavy; my left arm is numb. Like it's had all the fight drained out of it. The fingers won't budge as I slowly try flexing them.

I hear a dog barking in the distance and then footsteps coming towards me. The light is blocked. Everything's dark again. Two seconds and it's back to the way it was. The footsteps pass by and fade away.

There are bars all around. It's dark behind me. I can't tell if they're there too. It's suffocating. My heart beats against my chest.

There is a man in front of me, behind the bars. He has his back turned to me. Or am I the one who is in a cage?

Moments pass. He turns around all of a sudden.

“We've been sitting here for five minutes. I have to get home. It's getting late. You going to pay me or what?”


“200 taka. Dhanmondi to Gulshan. We're here”

I stumble out of the CNG and pay the man his money. It's been a long night.



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