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     Volume 1 Issue 5 | September 2, 2006 |


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Bringing Smile to the Faces of the Distressed

Almost like a mother to her patients,
Ms. Nasreen Baqui, mild-mannered, pleasant and a very helpful lady told me not to write much about her, but write about the patients. I apologize to her because I simply have to write about her because of my personal eagerness to let the readers know of her excellent work.
The Tiger Who Fancied
Himself As A Bridegroom

Once upon a time there lived a man in a village of Bengal whose patience was sorely tried by a clever fox. The fox made frequent raids on the man's home and carried away a number of his hens. At last the man hit upon a plan.
A Bangladeshi folktale retold by Kabir Chowdhury
A Doctor's Commitment
There is hardly any person in the northern part of the country who has not heard the name of Dr Homayra of Rangpur. As a physician and a benevolent social worker her name and reputation is widespread in the region.
Rangamati Charukola Academy
A dedicated person who has been working amidst the tiny kids of Rangamati Hill District for the last 27 years trying to create an enlightened new generation is now passing his life as a recluse in an art school in Rangamati.

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