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     Volume 1 Issue 6 | September 16, 2006 |


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In this issue

Shambhu Acharya: A Patua of Our Time

Shambhu has the responsibility of carrying forward litttle more than 400 years' old family tradition of 'Patachitra'. Ramgopal Acharya, his son Ramsundar, his son Prankrishna, Sudhir and finally Shambhu are the last five generations of 'patuas' known for their work from mouth to mouth.
The fairy tale, or otogi-zoshi, which made its appearance in the Tokugawa Period, is noted for its brilliant retelling of earlier stories and legends. "Oshidori," one of the best of this group, is taken from Yaso Kidan (Strange Tales), a collection of fairy tales that appeared in the late seventeenth century.
Darji Wahab : Preserving the History of Mymensingh
Darji Abdul Wahab,76, a writer and researcher of the tradition and history of Mymensingh region deserves our recognition.
Magura Government High School: 152 years of glory
A school named 'Minor School' was established at Shibrampur village about 152 years ago. Over time it turned out to be the lone Government High School of Magura district, subsequently playing a key role in spreading the light of education in the entire area.

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