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     Volume 1 Issue 10 | November 11, 2006 |


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Behind the Scene

From Bogra
A Man with Light
Md. Mahbur Rahman

Tajmilur Rahman, a well-known educationist, litterateur, and an expert administrator was born in Bogra in 1925. He is one of those devoted persons who have been giving unconditional service to our country. The octogenarian is the eye witness of many significant events that occurred in the history of the land. He sketches the past as glorious and bright and pictures the present as insipid, emaciated and too materialistic. He is disappointed at what he sees as the negative turn of the society, but the hope of a beautiful and corruption free society still flickers in his mind. He believes that proper education and sincere commitment and devotion of teachers can play a vital role in creating conscientious, enlightened and responsible citizens who can save the country from the present state of corruption and anarchy.

Tajmilur Rahman obtained his M.A degree in English and started his career as Sub-Inspector at the Civil Supply Department in Calcutta in1944. He left the job in 1946 and chose teaching profession as his ultimate career in order to devote himself to the welfare of the students. He started his teaching career at Gabtoli High School, Bogra in 1947. Later he taught at Bogra Coronation Institute, Dinajpur Zilla School, Kurigram Zilla School, and at Bogra Zilla School He became popular as an experienced and devoted teacher. He became the Headmaster of Bogra Zilla School in 1971. He retired from his job in 1981. After retirement he set up 'Arms Police' Battalion School & College. Now this school is one of the three renowned schools at Bogra. Even at this old age he often conducts B.Ed courses as a guest teacher at Bogra N'trams under Open University.

Mr. Rahman is not only a committed teacher but also a popular writer. He wrote many juvenile novels and plays, and edited several books. To encourage his students to write constructive and creative writings, he often organised competitions among students on composing poems, extempore speech, recitation etc. Besides, his interest and exposure in theatre-acting led him to teach his students the art of theatre-acting. Kolir Jin, Rup Chand, Bhai, Karigor, Onek Andher Periye, Mohastan etc. are some of his writings. He received several prizes for his writing and theatre-acting. Some of his plays have been broadcast from Rajshahi Betar. His drama, Onek Andher Periye, is based on the factual happenings of our liberation war.

Tajmilur Rahman set up many literary organisations and he himself was directly involved with many of them. He was the member of the famous literary club Nowroj Shahitto Mozlish. There he worked with the famous poet Qader Newaz. In 2006 he was awarded the Sir Salimullah gold medal at Hotel Sheraton for his outstanding contribution to the field of education.

Following is an interview with Mr. Tajmilur Rahman taken by a Star Insight representative.

Star Insight: Why did you take up teaching as a profession?

Tajmilur Sir: I was committed to unearth the latent talent of the students. It gives me pleasure as a scientist gets pleasure from his invention.

Star Insight: Please tell us something about the teacher-students relationship in the past.

Tajmilur Sir: The relationship was informal and friendly. The teachers used to visit the students at their homes, talk with their parents about the progress or the problems of the students. The students were communicative and respected their teachers highly. The relationship was healthy, positive and cordial.

Star Insight: What is your opinion about the present condition of education and the teacher-student relationship?

Tajmilur Sir: Now education has become a sophisticated thing. Only the rich can buy it. The teachers do not visit their students now rather students pay visit to their teachers' houses regularly. The teachers, except a small number, are very commercial.

Star Insight: What do you think about private tuition?

Tajmilur Sir: It was strictly forbidden in our time. School teachers should not do this business.

Star Insight: But don't you think teachers are comparatively ill paid?

Tajmilur Sir: Salary is very much relative. Can you tell me how much salary will satisfy you? Self- sacrifice is the pre-condition of a teacher; he should be simple and devoted.

Star Insight: You have said that the standard of education has deteriorated; but a great number of students are now getting GPA5 in S.S.C and in H.S.C. How do you see it?

Tajmilur Sir: GPA5 is not the ultimate achievement of education. The aim of education is to produce good man and I hardly find it to be the case today.

Star Insight: How do you enjoy your retired life?

Tajmilur Sir: I'm enjoying it a lot; I am never bored. I have diabetes and heart problems; still I pass my time attending seminars and meetings. I spend a lot of my time reading and writing. I feel happy when my students visit me or phone me.

Star Insight: Thank you very much, Sir. We appreciate your giving us so much of your time.


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