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     Volume 1 Issue 9 | November 11, 2006 |


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Haripada's Haridhan A Farmer's Pride

He is now 75 years old. Being almost illiterate, he produces good crops using his intelligence only. He has a good reputation in the locality for his skill in growing all kinds of crops. Even at the fag end of his life he has invented a super quality paddy with the help of his instinctive knack for farming.
Seeing Double
Since you have two eyes, I know you would like to have two faces - one in front and one behind - so you could look at all those pretty women on the street both going and coming.
The Marma People
In the early days the livelihood of the Marmas depended on 'Jhum' cultivation. In this mode of cultivation the Marmas first clear the forests along the hill slopes and then dry and burn them before cultivating the land.
Muminunnisa Mohila College: Enlightening Women for Decades
It was, therefore, very natural to start a college for female education in Mymensingh town which was the largest district of the country at that time.

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