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Corruption Metaphors
With cartoons you can stay
clear of the real nitty-gritty and reduce complex ideas into a visual
metaphor, have a good chuckle, then walk away. Reality, as we all
know, is not a cartoon.
The Fern Girl
Through her dress showed her body, through her body her bones, and through her bones her brain quivering like quicksilver.
Four Decades of the Mymensingh Public Library
Operating in its own building, presently the library houses 35,656 volumes on all subjects. There is also a collection of rare books, original documents from the Liberation War and newspapers more than 30 years old.
Dhakadakshin High School and College now 109
The school became the first high school of the district in 1965 while Science and Agriculture Sciences groups were also opened in addition to the Humanities. The school was thus renamed as Dhakadakshin High School.

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