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The Legend of Janmashtami
This year their celebrations were even
bigger than usual because the “Sri Sri Janmashtami Celebration Committee” saw its 25th year. On 4th September on the Committee's silver jubilee, the turnout on the streets was greater than ever before. The story behind Janmashtami follows.
Kotura, Lord of the Winds
'My father sent me,' replied the girl, 'to be your wife.' Kotura frowned, fell silent, then finally said, 'I've brought home some meat from hunting. Set to work and cook it for me.'
The Pink Waterscape
It was a nature lover's paradise, and it seemed that the day may not be a complete waste after all. We roamed about here and there for some time, but our sights were glued to the lake beside the field, and we were fervently in search of a boat that would take us round it.
D.J. School: 139 years
One of the oldest sites in this old region is the 139 year-old D.J. School. During the British Rule under reigning monarch Queen Victoria, the school was established to celebrate the “Diamond Jubilee”, hence the name “D.J.” School.

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