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     Volume 2 Issue 2 | January 20, 2007 |


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In this issue

Karam: A Festival of the Orao Community
The Karam festival is held in the Krishnopokkho (waning cycle) of the month of Bhadra (a month in the middle of the bengali calendar).
Kaatje's Treasure
One night she had a dream. Next day she kept thinking about it and was so much quieter than usual that her husband felt something must be wrong.
Jaintapur: Full of history, yet full of neglect
Pan, Pani Nari- Ei tiney Jaintapuri- Betel, water and women, these three make Jaintapuri. That's the first line of a rhyme that has become something of a catchphrase among Sylhetis to describe Jaintapur.
Goila High School: A 113 year-old tradition
And passing through the road of Goila village, you stumble across the 113 year-old Goila High School, standing gloriously for many generations.

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