Volume 2 Issue 25 | January 5 , 2008 |


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Afaz Uddin's Healing Plants
Whatever name people call him by, Afaz Uddin or Afaz Pagla, he doesn't really care. The source of his pride lies in the treatment of his patients. Through his initiative, “Kholabaria Bheshoj Udpadon Shomobay Shomiti” was established on a 20-bigha piece of land.
The Story of the Pine-Apple Girl
The story of the threadless garlands spread far and wide and in the course of time reached the ears of our hero. The talk of flowers reminded him of the lotus he had put in a pot long ago.
Korokdi: A Very Special Village
Here is a short list of some of the great people who hailed from this village. The first name should be of the great litterateur Probodhkumar Sanyal, famous for his Morutirtho Hinglaj and many other books.
Gafargaon College: 57 Years
The students now mostly commute from their rented homes. A hostel for female students is under construction. As the percentage of the female students is not lagging behind, the hostel facility for the female students is badly needed, said some female students.

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