Volume 2 Issue 34 | May 24 , 2008 |


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Vision of Beauty

“I would like to tell Kaniz Almas Khan that what I got from her was that people genuinely loved her. She inspired them and that she has a gift for giving people hope. Businesses like this can truly inspire people and change lives.”
The Practice of Akhtari Begum
Good word of mouth spreads. Some praise her, others speak ill of her. She doesn't care. Akhtari Begum uses mostly local shrubs and barks to make her medicine. However she refuses to name her exact ingredients, it violates a kobiraji code.
The Story of the Bull
Then he said, “Your husband has gone away to look for the strange bird, my heart's desire. He told me to look after you during his absence.” The pretty wife of Ghafoor said, “Who will look after me, if not you, O King?”
Visit Chhera Deep Next Winter
When you go to Cox's Bazaar you should think of visiting St. Martin's. And when you visit St. Martin's, you should be thinking of visiting Chhera Deep.

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