Volume 2 Issue 39 | August 16, 2008 |


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How We Celebrated Life

The participants of Celebrating Life, in all three categories, have brought forth images, stories and song lyrics aimed at telling good stories about Bangladesh, and after almost 6 months of waiting we have come to the end of the contest and the beginning of its festival.
Lotus Blossom
In times beyond recall there lived a widow and her daughter in a lonely valley of northern China between two snow-topped mountains. Far and wide did the maiden's craft and beauty gain renown: throughout the day she would labour at her chores and keep the household spick and span.
The Mohua Tree Stands Through Time
Most of the year the tree doesn't have leaves but it gains leaves in the months of Boishakh and Joishtho. Flowers grow. The flowers stay for only a week. It is said that way back in the day whenever flowers bloomed, the tree would attract lots of bats.
The Maria Model for Seed Preservation
About 90% of the total seed need is met by women. From collecting to preserving, they do everything from methods they themselves have devised. These inventive women deserve a lot of credit for what they've done. Now the women are expanding out into vegetable seeds.

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