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Journey through Bangladesh

From Pabna

Chatmohar Shahi Mosque from the 15th Century

THE 'Chatmohar Shahi Masjid', a monument of great beauty, was built in the 15th century. According to the history, Sultan Masum Khan Kabli had established the mosque in 1568 (989 Hijri). The Department of Archaeology is taking care of this ancient structure. It is one of the best kept structures of the Sultan's period in our country. Nevertheless, the outer designs of the mosque are deteriorating day by day due to the lack of maintenance.

According to the history, Sultan Masum Khan Kabli was once the General of Emperor Akbar. However, he revolted against the Emperor. Then Masum Khan Kabli established an independent rule in this region. During his rule, he built many things which got mostly damaged with the passage of time. Chatmohar Shahi Mosque is one of the establishments of the Sultan Masum Khan Kabli.

Aesthetically, the Chatmohar Shahi mosque is really something to see. The brick built mosque has three domes. The outer side of the mosque is 63 feet long and 35 feet wide while the inside of the mosque is 51 feet long and 22.5 feet wide. The wide outer walls of the mosque show us its historical importance. There is a concrete well in front of the mosque.

Arabic writings carved in the outer sides of the wall are being destroyed due to lack of maintenance. A fort was also built next to the mosque, said the locals. This fort, however, exists no more. The ancient stonework of the mosque remains preserved in the Borendra Museum.

“Chatmohar Shahi Mosque is an archaeological asset to our country. The Archaeological Department is trying to look after the mosque but the lack of manpower often hampers this effort. The people who are maintaining the mosque are also working at other places. They can't give the mosque adequate attention,” said Badrul Alam, Officer of the Archaeological Department, Bogra. He said there were no big problems other than that.

Meanwhile visitors from different areas of the country often come to visit the mosque here. “Chatmohar Shahi mosque is a beautiful site of the northern region. It conveys the rich 15th century architectural beauty. People from different areas often come to visit here,” said Shamim Hassan Milon, a resident of Chatmohar. He added that he hoped the authorities would do more to preserve this.

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