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Behind The Scene


Imran's Amphibious Vehicle

Habibur Rahman Imran, 35, a promising youth in Faridpur has surprised all by making a special car that he calls “Shoukhin Paribahan”. The surprising car is a fully customized automobile and is an amphibious vehicle being able to ply on roads and float in the water.

Rezaul Karim

The Shoukhin Paribahan has a capacity of 15 passengers but it's highest speed is about 20 km/h on road and 30 km/h on water. He has made the car with a shallow engine (boat engine) and the total cost of making the vehicle was two lakh eighteen thousand takas only. The steering which is used for controlling the car on roads also works as a rotor in the water. The wheels of the car have to be removed before the Shoukhin Paribahan can be used like a boat in the water.

The car can be detected and recovered by a remote sensor within one minute only. On 26 December 2010, Imran drove the car on road from Rajbari road to C&B ghat area of Faridpur town and later coasted on the Padma River for practically the first time . Imran is the son of Hasmot Ali of Komorpur village, in the outskirts of the town in Faridpur. He studied up to class five only in a local primary school. He then left his school for financial crisis and engaged himself working in a furniture shop in his village. He left his work of furniture shop for his illness five years ago and then started a poultry farm for livelihood.

Inventive Imran continued his work of innovations of different thing. He has always been a curious person. First, he made a battery-run baby car, an incubator machine for hatching chicken eggs, remote control aero plane, hand pump and so on.

Now he is also planning to make a machine for cutting paddy and jute automically. He has also planned to implement the idea of setting special rechargeable battery in auto rickshaw as it can keep

charge for 24 hours. The promising Imran runs a poultry farm on his own yard and produces chicks with his hatching machine. Despite being so innovative, he is living in a sorry state dragging a family of five members with his wife Labli Akter, two sons Kayes Sheikh (9), Shamin Sheikh (6), and one year old daughter Maria Akter. According to Labli, Imran is always engaged in his own thoughts on how to be creative. He took loans from relatives to buy materials for fulfilling his whims. His innovative works pleases her a lot but it is hard to stay positive about such eccentricity when family needs are not met.

Abul Kalam Molla, a relative of Imran and also an employee of Power Department in Faridpur said, “Imran is naturally talented and inquisitive. He is fond of making new things which might be encouraged with financial support.” Talking to Star Insight Imran said, “These inventions inspire my soul. I made a promise to myself as a child to present something to my country. Some call me mad but I don't care about what they think.”


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