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Narikel Baria Degree College turns 24

Narikel Baria Degree College, a famed and reputed educational institute of the Jhenidah District, is just a year short of being a quarter of a century old. The compound, situated 20 km away from the district town, is built on five acres of land and is surrounded by tall trees and nature's greenery.

Narikel Baria College in Jhenidah Upazilla Sadar

Alhaj Khairul Bashar had taken up the initiative some 24 years ago in establishing this educational institution. The other person behind making the dream into reality was Aminur Rahman Tuku. It was Tuku who had taken up the trouble of visiting all of the intellectuals and elite people of the area and convinced to help build the college. Tuku's vision was simple: he wanted a place where the younger upcoming generations would come to gather knowledge and make better people out of themselves.

The Narikel Baria Degree College had started of with ADC Binoy Krishna Karmakar as the founding president, with Tuku being the acting president. The college is a co-ed institute with 1000 students receiving lessons from 35 teachers on a regular basis. The administration follows very strict norms and rules and regulations in regards of student conduct. Even though there is scope for students to indulge in discussions and debates over politics, the campus follows a strict ban on demonstrations or processions inside the campus premises. Moreover, students and teachers alike are required to sign anti-smoking forms during appointment, as smoking on campus is absolutely prohibited.

The college was promoted from the national level to the degree level in 1999 for consistent outstanding results of students pursuing their education there. But education is not the only aspect that the college excels in - the college has produced athletes competing on national levels every year, besides being home to the Rover Scouts. The latest accolade achieved by the college was placing as runner-up in the 2010 national tree plantation competition. The college authority have also achieved publishing a wall magazine from last August.

The incumbent principal, Aminur Rahman Tuku, says he had started this college with only a few more than a dozen students. The whole journey from its inception has been a struggle for him, but he is glad to have been behind it since the beginning. Tuku says things could not have run any smoother, and is grateful for all the staff and teachers who assist in everyday in making the place what it is, and to have brought it thus far.

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