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     Volume 1 Issue 12 | October 22, 2006 |


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All set for Eid

Shamma M. Raghib

With Eid vacations knocking on the doors, Campus crew was growing impatient, pondering on what each of us will do this Eid. It seemed like apart from getting tons to eat and getting to watch Television uninterrupted by parental intrusion, Eid was pretty boring. So we turned to the real campus-goers and asked them what will their Eid be like.

Laboni, is an Intermediate Examinee from Vicarrunnessa. We asked her about how boring Eid holidays could get. “ Eid can be boring if you make it boring”, she said enthusiastically. “ However, I prefer Eid-ul-Fitr more than Eid-ul- Adha, firstly, because there is less smell and secondly because for some weird reason, my relatives tend to give more 'eidis' in this Eid. Usually I spend the day with my family in the morning alongside yummy delicacies like 'pithas', 'halwas' and 'parathas'. After this, I take a tour around Gulshan with my friends. Travelling on rickshaws on Eid day is fun. You get to see so many different people wearing colorful clothes. It is just a different feeling!”

Meanwhile, Ashfaque from AIUB shares a different memory of Eid. Being brought up in Chittagong, Ashfaque usually goes to Chittagong to celebrate Eid. “ All my school friends also travel to Chittagong and on Eid day we have fun hanging around, collecting Eidis and strolling the beautiful port city. Our relatives used to take good care of our gastronomical needs and who needs anything else when there is food?”

Shimanto's story is different from the rest of the students. Shimanto, being a Non-Muslim, has no plans for Eid, but since “holidays are all fun. I particularly used to like the fireworks, but those are unfortunately banned now.” Shimanto hopes to go to Ramna park and hang around there.

“Who knows, maybe we will be off for a trip to Cineplex if it is open and watch a good movie” he says.

Shumona, an enthusiastic amateur photographer, plans to go scenic hunting this Eid. “ Eid is the time when boys become men and girls dress beautifully. It is for that one day, that we students forget about most responsibilities and this reflects in our faces. Come around Dhanmondi Lake on Eid day and witness the sense of festivity as vendors try selling you flowers, goodies and bags. Some go out to the posh restaurants and have a meal with their close friends while other take out their cars, hoods down ready for some fun! With music blaring in the soundbox, what more can you expect on a Eid day?”

So from there we somewhat completed our to-do list this Eid. Eat, collect eidis, hang out with friends, give warm hugs to our loved ones, and wish every unknown person on the way a very happy 'Eid Mubarak!' Who doesn't love a holiday?

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