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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 12 | October 22, 2006 |


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Stand Up Against Poverty

United Nations Youth and Students Association, UNYSAB organized 2-day long global Stand Up Against Poverty campaign of the United Nations Millennium Campaign.

Notre Dame College debating competition

Tazmia Islam Nion

With the national election coming up fast, discussion, debate and opinion sharing on 'democracy, freedom and election is going on everywhere in the country.

Thrill of exploring Bangladesh

Istiaque Uddin Rifat

Tours are always exciting and enjoyable, especially those with friends. Just imagine how exciting it would be if it is a 10-day long journey covering a large part of Bangladesh!

Amazing Facts

By Christopher Paolini

Reviewed by Efadul Huq

Can you imagine a 15-year old, home-schooled boy conquering the readers' hearts worldwide with his first book?

Sky is our limit..

Mostafezur Rahman

The students of KUET in IEEE branch organized a technical tour of BASHUNDHARA STEEL COMPLEX & ENERGY PACK.

Be with SOMBA, Khulna University

Md. Nahid Emran Ullah

What is waiting for you in SOMBA (School Of Management & Business Administration) of Khulna University? I must say- the world more than your expectation.

My days in Delhi

Sharin Shajahan Naomi

Never had I thought in my life, that within such a short span of time I would be able to grab so much happiness and beauty. Only 5 days in Delhi, and in those 5 days what I have experienced is equal to the achievement of an entire lifetime.

Other than studies

Nafis Ahmed

There is a saying, that there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. In today's world of increasing competition time and time again it has been proven that theoretical education alone is not enough. The attention is now focused more towards experience and field knowledge than ever before.

An iftar extravaganza

Mahdin Mahboob

Memories of four months of complete bliss came vividly alive on 11th October, 2006 at our favourite BRAC University Cafeteria when one hundred and eleven of us (the batches of Summer & Fall 2003 ) gathered up for an Iftar Party.

20th Convocation Ceremony of IUT


The grandest official function of IUT (Islamic University of Technology) is the convocation ceremony. Unlikely many other universities, IUT holds this function every year. This year IUT was proud to observe the 20th convocation in its history.

A week of unlimited fun at NIFD!

Sabrina Hasan Shoily

It was a week full of colourful activities in and around the National Institute of Fashion Design (NIFD). The annual photo-shoot, fashion show and Eid exhibition of NIFD were held from 7th to 14th of October. Every year, NIFD organizes an Eid exhibition where clothes designed by their students are offered for sale and before the exhibition a photo-shoot and a fashion show is held with those outfits.

Profile Dhaka Medical College and Hospital

Dhaka Medical College and Hospital (DMCH), established in 1946 during the British colonial rule, is the top medical college in Bangladesh. Situated in the heart of the city near the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka Medical College is an educational institution with a rich heritage.

Debating Society of RUET (DSR)

Saroar, Ashek, Rajib

DSR is the most popular cultural organization of RUET. It goes through totally in a nonpolitical environment since its birth. The former name of DSR was DSBR. It means Debating Society of BIT, Rajshahi. It was formed in 1996 But the concept of its forming was started in 1995.


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