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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 12 | October 22, 2006 |


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Cover Photo By Ishtiaque Bin Quashem

In this issue

All set for Eid
With Eid vacations knocking on the doors, Campus crew was growing impatient, pondering on what each of us will do this Eid. It seemed like apart from getting tons to eat and getting to watch Television uninterrupted by parental intrusion, Eid was pretty boring.
Be with SOMBA, Khulna University
Despite our location disadvantage i.e. distance from the Capital City we are doing very well in the job market and playing role in the economy. Actually we are being produced as customized as our market demands.
Random Rambling...
There are countless reasons for our students to be distracted, to be underachievers but my props to them because they don't. Here's to the uncelebrated underdogs.

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