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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 12 | October 22, 2006 |


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Be with SOMBA, Khulna University

Md. Nahid Emran Ullah

What is waiting for you in SOMBA (School Of Management & Business Administration) of Khulna University? I must say- the world more than your expectation. You have crossed the hurdles of SSC and HSC, Just cross another hurdle called Admission Test. You will earn not only a BBA degree but a complete time worthy education in an inspiring environ. Besides our dedicated faculties you will come to know our own culture, distinctiveness and a kingdom that pioneered BBA degree in Bangladesh. You have dreams; the SOMBA family knows how to shape up these with your qualities. Obviously you will be destined to reign the business world.

We along with Business Club, SOMBA Ex-students Association (SEA) MBA Club, and Forerunner Club offer you to prove your every potential. Beyond the regular academic activities you can engage yourselves in Presentation Contest, Fresher Reception, Rainy Festival, Debating, Valediction of passing out batch and so forth.

On Campus Recruitment, Corporate Presentation by Business Leaders, Workshop on Business Issues, Study Tour in SAARC Countries, Participation in National Contest are frequently enjoyed by the family. Each semester is a Roller Coaster, you count your step towards the reputed multinational and national organizations.

You love adda, step to Tapons, Cafeteria and Ghuital. These places are the sources of real entertainment and information. You will get respected faculties as a combined role of parents, friends and academic guides. Seniors will truly allow you to be their friends and guide you.

Let's share some facts of SOMBA:
Offered Degree : BBA, MBA, EMBA
Establishment : 25th November 1991
No. of Students : 194 (BBA); 45 (MBA), 32 (EMBA)
No. of teachers : 22
Passes Batches : 11(BBA); 2(MBA); 1 (EMBA)
Clubs : Business Club, Forerunner Club; MBA Club

Despite our location disadvantage i.e. distance from the Capital City we are doing very well in the job market and playing role in the economy. Actually we are being produced as customized as our market demands. The frequent employers of our graduates are BATB, Unilever, Nestle, Grameen Phone, Maersk Logistics, Banglalink, Citycell, Huawei and other reputed companies.
If you have the time and passion than do come and visit us at SOMBA.

(11th Batch, SOMBA, Khulna University.)


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