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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 13 | November 5, 2006 |


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My 4 years at Stamford University

Syed Sidratul Amin

I can still remember the first day I stepped through the gates of Stamford University at Shideswari. Though we were the 21st batch, we were actually the first batch at Shideswari campus. The campus felt deserted. As I was entering another student who was going to become a very good friend later also sauntered in. I asked him what he felt about the campus because though the campus was beautiful and definitely one of the largest among the private Universities in Bangladesh, we were both wondering about our decision to join Stamford University, a decision I have never regretted. There were about 50 students and we were separated into two batches, 21st B1 and 21st B2. I was placed in B1 along with Jannat ara Rahman, Sirajul Islam, Zahid Khan to name a few pupils whom I know today as some of my best friends.

Our classes commenced from 14th March 2003. Needless to say most of us in the class were not pre acquainted and we were all wondering where we stood. But as the days passed, it was evident that little groups of friends were mushrooming. Soon we were having our midterm examinations and it was about two weeks before our final exams when I was struck with a personal loss. I still remember the day, it was Pahela Baishak and my friends and I had planned to meet up in the evening. That morning I bade farewell to my uncle (Mama) who I was extremely fond of and close to. He was going to India for health treatment and he passed away in the plane. I was in great mental anguish. Two days later I sat for my final examinations marking the end of my first semester at Stamford.

A significant change came about in the third semester when 21st B1 and 21st B2 were merged together and we became 21st B1B2. It was both good and bad in the sense that more students meant more competition and more pressure on the teachers and students but it also meant more friends. This decision to merge the two batches was received by mixed feelings both by students and teachers. But soon everyone became used to it and it was all for the better.

Time seemed to be flying by. Towards the end of every semester I found asking myself where and how did time pass? It always seemed as if we had just begun a semester and somehow through the assignments, tests, presentations, exams and spending time with friends time just slipped through our fingers.

I remember another major turning point at Stamford for me was when I had to decide my Major. I was tied between Marketing and Finance. Many of my friends were going towards finance while fewer were going for Marketing but as luck would have it, my closest friends opted for Marketing. I chose Marketing because I felt Marketing was the most interesting and relevant subject and this is also another decision I have never regretted because I have excelled in every one of my Marketing subjects. I am grateful that I had taken Marketing because I had great teachers like Mr Nazmul Huq, Mr Musfiqul Haque and Mrs Samina Haque. All these teachers have made me realize how interesting and practical the subject of Marketing is and it had a profound impact on my life.

Today, as I wait to sit for my final exams I am extremely sad to think I will not see my friends, my teachers or Stamford University everyday as I used to because I had my last class on 12th October 2006 in my last academic semester. It pains me to think that I shall not be able to just hang around the campus chatting or giving finishing touches to my assignments in the library. Somehow I didn't think this day would come, perhaps that's why I was not prepared for this day. Now it is here and I must face up to my responsibilities whish lie ahead in my future. But I want to be a responsible and contributing citizen to the development of my country. I only advise those students who are about to get admitted in any University or are in the first year, please be dedicated and sincere towards your education while it is also important to make good friends and enjoy yourself. Because, the time you spend in this transition from a school graduate to a University graduate can be indeed a fun-filled and fulfilling experience.

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