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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 12 | October 22, 2006 |


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Photo Feature

Students of the department of English, BUBT
(Bangladesh University of Business and Ttechnology)

The birthday present....

Marzia Sharmin

Nahi was a girl of 20, tall and slender, a sweetheart and the dream girl of many...
She was my cousin. At times my best friend and for worse, my enemy as well. I never felt lonely and never missed anyone when she was there; I never needed anyone except her. People who had seen us together would say that we were inseparable, I agree, it was a bonding so intense that I could see my own reflection in her eyes when I was confused with myself. Same dresses, same cell phone sets we used to have but yet she stood out in the crowd because to me she was the most beautiful girl I met in my life.

The night before my birthday, the 31st of December, 2001, she came to stay at my place. When the whole world was celebrating the New Year, we two were seriously into a fight about a topic, very tacky but yet the most talked about, 'BOYFRIENDS' . It was a part of our daily schedule and I could not even dream of losing her for a fight so meaningless. Somehow she couldn't get over it and the next morning without even saying 'bye' and wishing me on my birthday with that most loved hug, she left. That day for the first time my ego did not let me go to her and apologize. But somewhere at the back of my mind I was expecting a surprise from her...

It was a surprise indeed when the day passed without her presence! That was bad and I was not prepared for the worst. A call at about 5:30 in the morning woke me up. It was from my aunt's house. Nahi's sister asked me to go over to their place. I, still in my pajamas and sunk in a deep thought of what the reason might be, started for my aunt's place with my parents. When I reached there I was a bit shocked. I saw about a dozen of police on the terrace. We two had a room in the terrace. Our 'secret room' we would say, where others were restricted to go. Chill ran down my spine, I rushed to the room only to see her lying lifeless with a dupatta looped on her neck hanging from the ceiling. I fainted.

Days later I found an email from her waiting in my inbox which stated that I was the only one she knew could take her out of misery. She had something to tell me, about a terrible event she had faced, but when I got into the fight and behaved rude, she lost hope. That was the end of her two lined email and my last birthday present from her. It's been four years and I still could not find the reason behind such a punishment she gave me.

No one can ever wonder that their birthday would bring the worst event in life, and neither did I, but it happened. On 1st January,2002 , when life made me experience the worst that could ever happen, my best friend's suicide. My birthday still comes, but I hope it brings with it something good by which I can trace out why the worst had happened. With loving memories of my cousin, on her birthday, the 11th of November.

BBA student, UIU


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