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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 18 | May 13, 2007|


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Where are our doctors made?

Life is a boon. It comes to us in the form of a breath! A single breath of air we take consists of approximately 21% oxygen. As a breath of air enters the nose, the ciliated epithelium and film of mucus which lines the nasal passages help trap dust and bacteria. The air is also slightly warmed before it enters the lungs. This air then passes through the trachea, better known as the windpipe. Rings of cartilage keep the trachea and the bronchi open when the pressure inside them falls during respiration. Air then passes into alveoli air sacs at the end of bronchioles, where gas diffusion takes place. The partially permeable elastic walls of the alveoli allow diffusion of oxygen to and carbon dioxide from a dense network of blood capillaries right beneath the air sacs. This blood is circulated all throughout the body to give us what we call… life!

Whew! So much in one breath! By the way, for all those who are wondering whether I am a medical student, I am not. However, it is today's medical students waiting to be tomorrow's doctors who largely contribute so that people never have to part with the one breath that gives them all the other gifts that they achieve in a lifetime!

A medical career calls for academic education through medical colleges. To me, a medical college is a lot more than merely an academic institution. These institutions are responsible for creating those who create magic with the dexterity of their hands. Our country is blessed with a few very well established private and public medical colleges, which not only create world class doctors but also responsible citizens.

I would be proud to present a list of all those colleges that have made men who heal men.

Government Medical colleges
· Barisal Medical College
· Begum Khaleda Zia Medical College, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka
· Chittagong Medical College
· Comilla Medical College
· Dhaka Medical College [1]
· Dinajpur Medical College
· Faridpur Medical College[2]
· Khulna Medical College
· Mymensingh Medical College [3]
· Rajshahi Medical College
· Rangpur Medical College
· Shaheed Zia Medical College, Bogra
· Sir Salimullah Medical College[4]
· Sylhet M.A.G OSMANI Medical College

Private Medical colleges
· Armed Forces Medical College, Dhaka
· Bangladesh Medical College, Dhaka
· BGC Trust Medical College, Chittagong
· Central Medical College, Comilla
· City Dental College, Dhaka
· Community Based Medical College, Mymensingh
· Dhaka National Medical College, Dhaka
· East West Medical College, Dhaka
· Eastern Medical College, Comilla
· Enam Medical College, Savar, Dhaka
· Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College, Dhaka
· Ibn Sina Medical College, Dhaka
· Ibrahim Medical College, Dhaka
· Institute of Applied Health Sciences (IAHS), University of Science and Technology, Chittagong
· International Medical College, Gazipur
· Islami Bank Medical College, Rajshahi
· Jahurul Islam Medical College, Bajitpur, Kishoreganj
· Khawja Yunus Ali Medical College, Sirajgonj
· Kumudini Medical College, Tangail
· Medical College for Women and Hospital, Dhaka
· Moulana Bhasani Medical College, Dhaka
· North Bengal Medical College
· North-East Medical College, Sylhet
· Pioneeer Dental College, Dhaka
· Ragib-Rabeya Medical College, Sylhet
· Sapporo Dental College, Dhaka
· Sylhet Women's Medical College, Sylhet
· Shahabuddin Medical College, Dhaka
· Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College, Gazipur
· Z. H. Shikdar Women's Medical College, Dhaka

Sometimes I wonder why people want to become doctors? I mean after all, becoming a doctor takes a lot of hard work, accompanied by stress and intense brainwork. Despite the long and tedious years that one has to go through in the process of becoming a doctor, a handful still select this course of life, sometimes because of family influence. If an influential family member is a doctor, then career as a doctor might be embedded in a person's brain since childhood. In very rare cases, if people witness near and dear ones suffering due to some illness, they end up deciding to make doctors out of their further generations. As is the case with Nafeez Ahmed Riyad, a third year student of Bangladesh Medical College. Before his birth, his parents were blessed by the coming of a male child, who at a very early age had to depart with his life due to negligence from doctors. The loss of a son had a great part to play in his determination to not just make a doctor out of his son Riyad, but also to make sure the human inside him catalyses his urge to serve mankind.

There are other cases where people wish to become doctors when they come face to face with the harsh tragedies of life, and realize that they have a responsibility to ease the pain of many. Mufrad Nabeel Rahman, another student of Bangladesh Medical College, is the only son of his parents. He has been pampered with all the mental, physical and financial wealth his parents could offer since he was a child. In the midst of all comforts, as he grew up in a nation where the majority is very poor and ill-fed, he could not help but feel that he had a role to play. He wanted to do some sort of social service that would satisfy him, and he found his solution in becoming a doctor. He was so intrigued by the idea of it that he abandoned his education in the United States, at the University of Rutgers, New Jersey.

Others choose to be doctors because of the money it earns, some others do it because they were in school biology was the subject they were best in! No matter what the reason behind choosing ones goal as a doctor, it is a noble profession nevertheless. It is a doctor who directly contributes most to mankind by looking after their physical and mental health. To all those medical students out there, cheers to you all for selecting a path that shows light to so many others!


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