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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 18 | May 13, 2007|


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Tech Wise
Metronaps : Sweet sleeps with a Sweet Price!

Didn't you ever wish you could sneak out for a quick afternoon nap right after lunch during your office time? Well, I did. And here's the latest hi-tech solution to this problem. The EnergyPod by Metronaps promises to "improve employee morale while boosting the bottom line" by encouraging powernapping at work. It's basically a jazzed-up recliner with a blast shield that provides a "semi-private acoustical and visual environment." When it's time to wake up after 20 minutes the chair starts buzzing and beating your face with lights. Gently, of course. The price, however, is not so gentle at $8000 per unit.

Personally, I found a powernapping technique much more easy and cheaper through one of my friends. He used to cover his face with his extra long cap, making sure his eyes are well hidden and then doze off to dreamlands while still sitting properly in the class. By powernapping, he usually meant the duration of the entire class though!

Rumour : HP going for water-cooled fanless laptops

Gone are the days of over-heated laptops and bruised thighs : Rumour has it that HP's going to release a very 'cool' laptop late this year. By combining with Voodoo's water-cooling HP is going to create a water-cooled laptop, which has no fans and gets eight hours of battery life. Although it will have HP brand, these laptops will mostly have Voodoo parts inside, as claimed by the French business magazine L'Expansion. If this thing actually comes to the market with good configuration and a reasonable price, I'd be happy to throw away my heat-sink a.k.a. notebook pc!

Compiled by : Mahdin Mahboob


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