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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 63 | April 06 , 2008 |


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In this issue

Learning from building with earth

It was while taking a Rural Architecture course in our fourth year at the Department of Architecture, BRAC University that I first realized that this was the area in our profession that most interested me. We were asked to go back to our own individual villages and study the socio-economics and architecture of the place.

A different stroke

He was sitting on a brick with a half cigarette bud in one hand and a gray feather in another when I first saw him. He struck me as a rather interesting fellow as I got to know Hasan Ameen, who is in the same department as I am and a very good friend of mine. With passing time we became best friends and I got to know that he is not only a brilliant student, but he also holds some very rare qualities.


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