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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 79 | July 27, 2008 |


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Cover photo: SK.Enamul Haque

In this issue

Not So Kalponik after all

A hypocritical politician, a mischievous pickpocket, a corrupted traffic police, a philosophical fortune-teller, a wise lunatic and three talking dummies in front of a store these were the main characters or ingredients of a NSUSS drama called “Golpotir Shobgulo Choritro Kalponik”.

Debate Contest 2008: A Logical Outburst

Drishty Chittagong, in its sixteen years, has become a profound and renowned organization in the field of socio-culture. It was born with a vision to enhance the extra-curricular activities amongst the students of schools, colleges as well as universities, who are still freshers in the arena of reality.


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