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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 79 | July 27, 2008|


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Call for Feedback - 2nd Anniversary Issue

Star Campus, the largest and most influential campus based magazine in Bangladesh, is bringing out its 64-page 2nd Anniversary Issue on August. The main theme for our second anniversary issue will focus on students' feedback their likes and dislikes, comments and suggestions about the magazine.
So, if you are a Bangladeshi student studying in Bangladesh (or any other country), feel free to express your views about the magazine and how it has performed over the last two years. You can mention which section you want to see more (or less for that matter), which section needs improvement and which section(s) should be introduced in the near future which will be of common interest to young people.
The feedbacks should be around 100-150 words and should be sent as MS-Word (.doc) attachments and NOT as the main body of the email.
Include your name, institution and your current academic level in your institution (Freshman/ Sophomore/ Junior/ Senior/ Masters/ PhD) level students at the beginning of your feedback and send it to the following email address on or before the 25th of July:


Please note that the subject heading on the email should be:
'Feedback for Star Campus 2nd Anniversary Issue'

Mahdin Mahboob
Star Campus Desk


Guidelines for Submission

1. Please abstain from using both American and British spelling convention in the same article/feature/report. Use either of the two, preferably the British convention.

2. Send your articles in MS-Word (.doc) file only. Relevant pictures should be sent in JPEG form and NOT in pdf / tif or any other form. We may not accept pictures inserted in MS-Word files.

3. We have been receiving complaints about misspelled names from Teachers, Professors, Vice-Chancellors and other professionals who attend various events at different educational institutes. Writers/reporters are requested to check the spelling of names before mentioning those in their articles. The best way is to ask for a visiting card of the person being mentioned. On receiving further complaints, we may have to stop publishing any more articles / reports from that particular author. Star Campus will not be held responsible for any wrong spelling of names.

4. Star Campus is open to articles and features from ALL teachers and students from different universities, schools (Grade 9 and 10 only) and colleges in Bangladesh, as well as from Bangladeshi students and teachers studying/teaching abroad. It is a common misconception that we have a set group of writers, which actually is NOT the case.
5. Because of the overwhelming popularity of Star Campus, we receive hundreds of articles, features, photo features and travelogues. So do not be disappointed if your article does not get published soon after you send it. A good article will surely get published, sooner or later.

6. We encourage articles about events in your institute or thought-provoking articles based on real life scenarios. Because of space constraint, we cannot always entertain poems and short stories sent in by our contributors.

7. For the first time writers, our suggestion is to have your write-up checked by a teacher before sending them to us. We find many articles being sent to us without properly being checked beforehand. Common errors include the usage of small letters for people/organization's names, using '&' in place of 'and' among other things.

Star Campus Desk.

1. Last week's Spotlight was on 'Mymensingh Girls' Cadet College' and on Page 9 the abbreviation for the college was printed as MCC. It should have read MGCC. We regret the error.
2. The name of the writer of the story "In Memoriam Late Major Baten" in our last issue did not appear by mistake. The name of the writer is Farhat Tasannum Farah

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