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     Volume 2 Issue 82 | August 18, 2008|


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Tech Wise

The 2008 Beijing Olympics is on full throttle as the top athletes from all the countries in the world fight it out in the Chinese capital. But this Olympics is more than the athleticism, sportsmanship or team work it is also a technological marvel, and this week, in Tech Wise, we will have a sneak peek at the hi-tech stuff in use in this year's Olympics.

Chinese Surveillance-
Taking a hand
from the West!

IN what is surely the most surprising of moves and yet the most sensible one China has made, the officials ate Beijing are taking the help of some of the top US Surveillance firms to make sure that everything goes down calm and peaceful in the grand event. With the threat of Tibetan protestors and also a looming threat from international terrorism, it is only obvious that this step was needed. While China prides itself on home-grown technology, ego has not come in the way of Chinese making sure that all is safe and serene at Beijing. China is taking the help of major Chinese firms such as Honeywell, General Electric, United Technologies and I.B.M. to ensure that no unwarranted event happens in during the celebration of human excellence.

Speedo LZR: Seamless
wonder streaming in the Cube!

THE suit is seamless and reduces drag because of that very reason. Less drag in water means more speed. Drag only slows us down as it is nothing but friction in fluids. The swimsuit in fact has no seam as the costume's material is welded together to give the effect of having no seams. This top-notch suit is being put to the ultimate test in the grand Water Cube in the games and without doubt all eyes are on Phelps who is there to claim another bunch of gold medals in Beijing.


Only thing raining at the Olympics
is Medals!

IT looks that nothing is impossible for the Chinese to achieve even if it means manipulating the rainfall. To ensure that the Olympic Games become a fair weather event, the Beijing Meteorological Bureau claims to have succeeded in their experiments in stopping the rain. Silver iodide, a seeding agent will be used to increase the rate of collision and coalescence of droplets in clouds above zero degrees producing a downdraft that prevents cloud formation. Another method involves firing seeding agents into clouds from anti-aircraft guns before the clouds could reach the games stadium losing all its perspiration at the periphery of the games arena. The Chinese want no dampener on their grand event!


Bird's Nest and Water Cube-
Architecture Extraordinaire!

THE main stadium for this year's Beijing Olympics is, quite simply, stunning and is an amazing piece of architecture and design. If China has set out to impress the world with the 2008 Olympics, the stadium and its attendant buildings - the Aquatics Centre (aka the Water Cube) and the main stadium are just the right note to start the grand tune off. The Bird's Nest and the Water Cube are breathtaking venues and provide the perfect stage for the Olympic drama to unfold. In essence, the Water Cube is a big, £50m steel and concrete box containing a huge swimming pool flanked by 17,000 seats. But what an extraordinary box it is. The pattern of the structure has been designed to hold huge pillows of ETFE, a lightweight substitute for glass. The pattern is based on the natural formation of soap bubbles to give a random, organic appearance.

A million dollar bike
for that one priceless
Olympic gold!
KOGA Miyata has designed this million dollar bike for the Olympic qualifier from Holland, Theo Bos. The bicycle has been designed with a budget of million dollars and one would pretty much feel that it is not too modest. It is a seamless piece of technological marvel. It has no brakes and can cut through the air without drag, much like hot knife through butter. Apparently no ordinary man can handle this mean machine and that is understandable. Keep an eye out and see if Theo Bos does indeed bring home the gold to the Dutch.

Nike BMX Bike:
A grand debut at the games

IN action sports, the mantra is “I want to be different, just like everybody else,” says John Martin, global creative director for Nike Action Sports. So Americans will help inaugurate the new Olympic discipline of BMX racing in NIKE ULTRALIGHT bike “leathers” that keep riders cool with high-tech “zoned venting,” but are styled for BMX culture. A grand expressive entrance for the modern sport on the grandest stage of them all!

Compiled by Mahdin Mahboob

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