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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 82 | August 18, 2008|


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Pharmacy Education in Bangladesh

Sydur Rahman Khan

Pharmaceutical sector is one of the most developed sectors, which is contributing in the country's economy.

Marina Mahathir speaks at IUB

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, the illustrious daughter of Dr Mahathir Mohammed of Malaysia and an internationally famous campaigner on HIV/AIDS,

Reflections on a literary discussion

Shamsi Ara Huda

It was an evening of wonder, astonishment and exaltation. Yes, I am talking about the Literary Discussion on Jules Verne's science fictions jointly organised by Star Campus, The Daily Star, and Department of English, Daffodil International University.

A life fading away-
story of Sharmin Quazi Bonny

Shah Ali Riad

Nothing is more painful and unjust than to see a person who has the life and spirit of a true fighter slowly slipping away from this world, even though the right steps can bring about a recovery.

Unforgettable 'tomtomani nok':
Modhupur's Shantiniketon

Dr. Bijoy Bhushon Das

Madhupur is a sweet name to those who like pineapples of great quality and of big size.

Ancient Olympics & its events

Compiled by Mahmud-Ur-Rashid

Ancient Olympic Games
The ancient Olympic Games were primarily a part of a religious festival in honor of Zeus, the father of the Greek gods and goddesses.

Why Girls Smoke

Syed Azmal Hussain Wasi

“Smoking is a part of my daily fashion”. I heard a girl say this the other day at a restaurant. Many female smokers, like the one I mentioned, do think that smoking makes them look more fashionable and modern.

Talking with Tuna

Ridwan Karim

One name that has been resonant throughout the debating community all over the world for more than three decades now is that of Alfred “Tuna” Snider.

Shekorer Shondhaney @ BRACU

Iffat Jabin Tuni & Md. Raied Hasan

Watching movies is a common thread that connects us all. Some hit it with Hollywood and some with Bollywood.

"In my end is my beginning"

Sharmin Khan Pinky

“In my end is my beginning,” with this belief in heart, the students of the Department of English of Jahangirnagar University gave an enthusiastic and colourful farewell on 30th July to the students of 30th batch.

Brief history of Rangpur Carmichael College

Rafique Sarker

Rangpur Carmichael College is a part of heritage and history of Uttar Bango (northern Bangladesh). It is indeed one of the oldest and best colleges in the country.

Reunion of Rangpur Carmichael College Ex-Students, 2008

Md. Rahber-E-Alam

For several days there was a growing excitement about a function among my family members.

Tale of a Tragedy - a response

Farhat Tasannum Farah

A few days back, there was an article by a student of Electronic Engineering of IUT in Star Campus. The article was about a sad real story of their excursion to Sylhet entitled “Tale of A Tragedy”.


I walk a lonely road...

Deeni Fatiha

As I walked along the dusty, deserted road, a bitter breeze sent chills down my spine. Except for dog-eared scraps of old newspapers flying about and the occasional scurrying of rats here and there, all was static.

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