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Linking Young Minds Together
Volume 5 | Issue 46 | July 17, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

Hoax and Jokes

I'm a second year student of engineering. People of my age are supposedly adults and are not expected to take part in childish hoax. But let's admit that some of the juvenile things we do in our university are simply hilarious. One of my room-mates in my dorm, let's call him Ashif, is a kind of a know-it-all person, who always irritates us with his stupid general-knowledge trivia. So to teach him a lesson, while he was outside one day, we hacked into his laptop, and changed the name of all the folders of his collection of movies. Well, what happened next was very entertaining. It took him 3 days to realise that his movie-folder names were changed in some 'mysterious' way. He didn't even suspect us of doing the mischief. After 3 more days of deep-thinking, he came to the conclusion that some new viruses took-over his pc and he decided to reboot. We finally told him what really happened. He realised he wasn't that 'smart' after all. Though he took the prank sportily, however, soon afterwards he got back at us with another amusing hoax, but I'll tell that story some other day.

Sadat Shams

Cell phone dilemma

When I was in class 9 none of us were allowed to bring our cell phones to class. But me and few of my friends and I used to take our phones secretly to share music, pictures, play games and mostly to show off actually. One day, I was walking down the stairs to the canteen, with my phone inside the chest pocket of my shirt. My pen fell from my hand for which I bent to pick it up, my phone fell from my pocket and slid down the whole stairs, where stood our coordinator. She looked at me at the top of the stairs, bent down, picked up my pen. She eyed me as if I had committed a crime. I thought that I was going to be taken to the principal for punishment, but she just climbed up the stairs and passed by me. She didn't even notice the phone!

Raisul Islam Saimon
Milestone College


Our organic chemistry teacher entered into our classroom and after calling our roll numbers she started to write on the blackboard. Everybody was afraid of madam because she had peevish temperament. Suddenly I said to her, “Excuse me, madam”. She turned around and said, “Who called me?” I was very frightened. “Yes…..umm….me”, I replied. She asked me imploringly, “What's your problem?”. I said, “Nothing”. Madam asked me a question again. But I could not hear clearly what madam asked me. I replied with fear, “Nothing”. Everybody, even madam, started to laugh loudly. I could not understand what was happening. Later, one of my friends told me that the teacher was asking my name.

Sheikh Zahid
University of Dhaka


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